Average speed cameras on Brighton seafront to be switched on today

Posted On 28 Mar 2017 at 9:32 am

The new average speed cameras on Brighton seafront are due to be switched on today (Tuesday 28 March).

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership said that the aim of the cameras was to improve compliance with the 30mph speed limit, improve congestion and commuter times and improve safety.

The organisation has been testing the cameras along the A259 Marine Parade. It found that almost one in ten drivers were going fast enough to land a speeding fine along the 30mph stretch of road

Anyone going faster than an average of 36mph will risk a £100 fine although places on speed awareness courses are likely to offered to some of those caught.

Average speed cameras were used while the A23 was upgraded in the Bolney to Handcross Hill stretch.

At the time Edward Preece, from the safety camera team, said: “These cameras were a key part of the safety initiative being applied whilst the construction was under way.

“This had the aim of reducing collisions, reducing injuries, and mitigating congestion issues related to a reduction in the speed limit through the road works.

“Journey times improved between Bolney and Pease Pottage and we attained an improved speed limit compliance rate.”

The new speed cameras on the A259 are the first to measure average speeds in Brighton and Hove and the first permanent ones in Sussex.

One is at the bottom of the eastern end of Lewes Crescent and one is by the Lanes Hotel and the Madeira Café.

  1. somedude Reply

    oh well have to do 60 down the other roads , not a problem

  2. G Hopkins Reply

    How about installing these on Madeira Drive and removing the awful barriers? 20mph on Madeira Drive is reasonable during the daytime, and 30mph in the evenings.

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