Drug-dealing Brighton teenager given second chance after being caught with ecstasy

Posted On 21 Apr 2017 at 7:46 pm

A teenage drug dealer was given a second chance by a judge at Brighton Crown Court today (Friday 21 April).

Mohammed Deghayes, 18, of Chadborn Close, Brighton, was sentenced for having MDMA, also known as ecstasy, with intent to supply.

The judge, George Lawson-Rogers, sentenced Deghayes to 44 weeks in a young offender institution, suspended for two years.

Mr Recorder Lawson-Rogers also ordered Deghayes to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and to wear an electronic tag while obeying an overnight curfew – from 8pm to 6am – for six months.

The judge told Deghayes that he must carry out 28 days of rehabilitation activity and ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs, packaging and two mobile phones.

Deghayes must also forfeit £550 cash and pay a £30 victim surcharge.

The teenager pleaded guilty to having the ecstasy haul when he appeared before Judge Charles Kemp at Hove Crown Court on Tuesday 21 March.

He was arrested by Sussex Police after being caught with the class A drugs in Old Steine, Brighton, last September.

  1. Martin Reply

    What a joke

  2. Anthony Goodman Reply

    Very sad.

    Mindless violence is still perpetrated by the Establishment system on peaceful, law abiding people who are struggling to survive and have a few high times. The bit of fun, which drugs allow, given the traumatised brain of the average individual, is being squezzed out of them by the moronic nannying State. With lies about scarcity, induced ignorance over key subjects everyone should understand like money, law and authority, and other fear tactics like this, the tax farm herd are even criminalised in each other’s minds by induced ignorance and the appalling violence known as the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

    Established societies as large as ours depend on certain deceptions being in place, but these deceptions should be few and far between. People should be educated about them fully, so that by adulthood they can be recognised and used as creative tools for keeping order without members of this society dehumanising each other, as we do!

    The judges and magistrates who uphold ‘summary convictions’ should be ashamed of themselves for partiipating in such a cruel legal system that thrives off the legitamised fraud it conducts in plain sight. And the journalists who work for the media which upholds Establishment beliefs and values should also be ashamed of their own unwitting participation and collusion in such widespread corruption. If you don’t know what I mean, I am happy to go into much more of the sordid details if asked. They are nothing but obvious when the light of day is shone on them, but the media and Police collude to keep our attention diverted.

    Open you eyes, educate your children properly about drugs if you have children, or drugs. things are not what they seem.

    You have been NOTICED..!

    A Goodman, a Hove resident

    • Nicholas St nicholas Reply

      Awesome reply Anthony

      • derek Reply

        are you this chaps only friend? I bet he’s a right ol’laugh on a night out!

  3. Tyler Nowicki Reply

    Why the second chance? Pathetic how soft the system is towards this type of behaviour.

  4. derek Reply

    Deghayes…hmmmmm I know that name, but where from?

  5. A Media Reply

    The only victim here is a teenager called Mohammed Deghayes…

  6. Anthony Goodman Reply

    I don’t know if this thread is still open, but I’m pleased to see support – in principle – for the chap, Mohammed Deghayes, who was arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced for something that IS NOT A CRIME. (Police Officers will call it a CRIME but that’s pure indoctrination, and the need to earn a living without rocking the coat).

    I don’t know this guy, Deghaves. For all I know he is an axe wielding homicidal maniac, or just a nasty piece of work in general, but I suspect he is just a guy stuck in a CORRUPT SYSTEM of DEBT SLAVERY and just trying to meet his needs.

    However, THE ESTABLISHMENT consists of good hearted, well intentioned individuals, who administer the IMMORAL work for the RULING CLASS MAFIA, and who are completely oblivious to the CRIMES they perpetrate against harmless victims like people who take certain chemical compounds to have a good time. It is an EVIL SYSTEM of SLAVERY. The POLICE (the POLICY ENFORCERS) and the staff of the JUDICIARY ( who think they understand LAW but only know the RULE BOOK in great detail, and that keep changing!) are not really to blame, but they are not blameless either. They should be thinking clearly about what HARM they are doing to SOCIETY AT LARGE, by inducing ignorance and perpetuating myths that keep our civilisation anything BUT civilised.

    And Tyler Nowicki, I’m very happy to give you a second chance in thinking more deeply about the comment you made above. The SYSTEM of the JUDICIARY puts drug users in prison for longer sentences than rapists. WTF? I agree that they are far too soft at times. But please, Tyler, and anyone else reading this, close your eyes and look within and CONTEMPLATE the nature of LAW and what it means. What is the difference between LAWFUL and LEGAL? Think on that too! CONTEMPLATE also on the nature of MONEY, and ponder the questions Where Does it Come From?, How can our whole money supply be created out of interest bearing debt, when there can never be enough money to pay that debt back? And Who is Profiting From That? The question before last states an absolute truth. The only possible outcome of our global financial system is the foreclosure on ALL PUBLIC and PRIVATE property, such that no individual, and not even any nation, will ever own anything again. Do the maths!

    This world is NOT what it appears to be, and the RULING OLIGARCHY knows that. You can know that too if you look within as much as you pretend to look beyond yourself.

    I hope no one feels like I’m attacking them. Even the ESTABLISHMENT OLIGARCHIC LANDED GENTRY RULING CLASSES are but children who know not what they do. There is no absolute evil in this world. Evil is relative. It’s what one might think on finding oneself at the wrong end of the cutlery (to paraphrase a rather good quote from Dr Who a few weeks ago)!



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