Campaign group highlights importance of black and ethnic minority vote in marginal Brighton seat

Posted On 03 Jun 2017 at 4:52 pm

A campaign group has highlighted the importance of the black and ethnic minority vote in the marginal Brighton Kemptown seat at the general election.

Operation Black Vote (OBV) said: “Research published by OBV lists almost 100 constituencies where BME voters could significantly influence who wins the seat.

“The constituency seat of Brighton Kemptown is Conservative held with a 690 majority and a BME population of 6,409.”

OBV, which describes itself as a non-partisan political campaigning organisation, said

  • Seven of the top ten swing seats have BME electorates significantly larger than the 2015 majority
  • 45 of the top 50 swing seats have BME electorates larger than the 2015 majority
  • 96 of the top 200 marginal seats have BME electorates large enough to make the difference

It added: “OBV’s aim is to increase the number of BME individuals who vote in next Thursday’s general election.

“Alongside the seat analysis, a race equality manifesto has been published – by 15 race equality organisations – that highlights race inequality in areas such as employment and the criminal justice system.”

With the BME vote being more important than ever, OBV director Simon Woolley said: “As the gap between the two main parties closes the fight for the marginal seats becomes even more critical.

“It’s clear that the party leaders know that the BME vote in the majority of the most hotly contested seats could be the deciding factor.

“All three leaders have either written a race equality manifesto or statement in their attempt to woo the black vote.

“The Saatchi and Saatchi campaign ‘blacksdontvote, but if we did’ is now making a profound effect on this election.”

OBV added: “Operation Black Vote exists to ensure we have greater racial justice and equality throughout the UK.”

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