Teething trouble with issuing parking permits for four new zones in Brighton

Posted On 02 Sep 2017 at 1:29 pm

People applying for parking permits in four new zones in Brighton are being affected by teething trouble with the system being operated by Brighton and Hove City Council.

The council has asked for patience as it deals with the demand having sent 9,000 letters to homes in Hanover and Elm Grove, Craven Vale, Preston Village and the Balfour extension to area F.

Restricted parking starts in all four areas on Monday 2 October with a deadline of Thursday 21 September for permit applications.

The council said: “Residents are being asked for their patience as they wait for new parking permits for themselves and their visitors.

The Spearhead

“Around 9,000 letters have been sent to residents in areas where new parking zones are being set up this autumn.

“The council is processing these applications as fast as possible.

“Letters tell people they must set up a special online account in order to apply for resident permits and visitor permits via www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/parking-register.

“However, the council has been having a few teething problems with the new system.

“Residents are being reminded that they have until (Thursday) 21 September to apply.

“Up until that date, only one resident application per household will be accepted in the new areas.

“After this date, there will be a system for applying for additional permits, depending on demand in any particular zone.

“At this second stage it may be necessary to create a waiting list if demand is greater than the number of available permits.

“Anyone having difficulty setting up the new online account can get help by contacting permits@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

“Council staff are also available to support those who are not online, or who are having difficulties applying, at the customer service centre at Hove Town Hall.

“Inevitably there is a rush of applications and many people asking questions.

“The council is undertaking to deal with applications and queries in good time for households to get permits by the time the new areas go live on (Monday) 2 October.

“The new accounts required to buy permits are separate from any current online accounts residents may have for Pay by Phone parking or the council’s MyAccount system, which allows various online payments.

“All other parking areas will continue to use the existing system and residents in these areas do not yet need to set up new accounts.

“The new system will mean residents can buy online permits for their visitors as and when needed.”

  1. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    “Council staff are also available … at Hove Town Hall.” As the customer service centre is only open Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm, and Saturday from 9am to 1pm, are they going to reimburse people who have to take time off work, and who have to either buy a bus ticket to travel across town or pay to park in Hove?

  2. Charlotte Rayner Reply

    This is outrageous! I never had a problem parking near to my house in Bentham rd. So the council’s theory of easing congestion is farcical. Why should anyone have to pay to park outside of their own house? They should be charging visitors not residents! I already pay road tax is that not enough? They should just come clean and admit they charge to cover other costs. Not for profit?! My a***E. I am furious!

    • les Glaskin Reply

      Yes never have any trouble parking outside my house in Agnes Street. This is just our usless council wanting more and more money from us residents to finance there awfull schemes. Why cant they let residents park for free but charge visitors for parking

  3. Simon King Reply

    This permits were originally for homes near shopping areas, stations etc!
    What justification is there for these wholesale parking permits???
    This is nothing more than robbery and parking charges are illegally being used as revenue now for underfunded councils!
    It will not be long until the whole of Brighton residents will be forced to pay to park outside their own homes (which is free as you pay road tax),so there is ABSOLUTELY no justification for this!
    It is also, most probably illegal, as parking enforcement is not allowed to be used for council funding and also because as any referendum asking tenants in areas affected by parking permits have only be responded to by less than 15% of people, it is completely undemocratic!
    It is a disgraceful abuse of power!

    • A Reply

      please note that road tax was abolished in 1937, we pay a Vehicle Excise Duty which is rather more a tax on the possession of a car, it does not entitle you to park anywhere. The space of road in front of your house is a council property, generally funded by council tax, which is paid by every resident of the city irrespective on whether they have a car or not, land is very expensive in this country, and what we pay for residential permits certainly does not cover that

      • Salim khan Reply

        This parking scheme seems to be all about revenue gathering! come the 1st of March we in the W area of Hove are going to be absolutely stuffed! I live in W area [wish park] and my permit covers such a small area that you won’t actually believe how small it is!! now I work 2 roads down near st keyna avenue which will be an L zone, So I won’t be covered to park there ! also travelling slightly north of the W zone takes you into the R zone, You just won’t believe they are three different zones just for the length of new Church Road Hove so to get out and about in my car I would actually need three permits to cover all three different parking zones! It seems this is done on purpose to recoup more money? why couldn’t all of Newchurch Road just be one zone like other towns??? It seems to be just a total scam

  4. Perri Butcher Reply

    Day light robbery in this double whammy as not only do you HAVE to purchase a permit for your car for home, you also then have to pay to park your car whilst at work. Oh but you can always hire a Council bike don’t forget 😂

  5. Lemmola Reply

    Anyone claiming there is a not a parking problem south of Elm Grove is Lala Land. It’s saturated by commuter parking and vehicles from neighbouring schemes.

  6. Vicky parramore Reply

    Unfortunately the system has no way of being able to get a permit if you have a disabled badge. It has just been left off the drop down menu where you choose which permit you want.

    But if a massive fault in the system in my opinion.

  7. Kate Reply

    Anyone know of any petitions re this ridiculous parking system? So ill thought out.. why have this council who are trying to discourage car use not provided park and ride for poor people who are being punished to get to work?!!. I for one cannot afford the buses, which are double what I pay in petrol to get to work because I live 10 mins out of Brighton! I will now have to work a whole extra day to cover travel to work! Why have bus fares not come down? Do this council realise they are actually creating more hardship and stress to the average person?!!

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