Wanted – the Brighton sob story fraudster who faces jail

Posted On 05 Sep 2017 at 4:53 pm

A convicted fraudster from Brighton, who uses sob stories to scam her victims, is being hunted by Sussex Police.

Andrea Thorne, 31, of Percival Terrace, Brighton, is wanted on suspicion of fraud and of breaching a two-year criminal behaviour order imposed by Brighton magistrates earlier this year for previous fraud offences.

Andrea Thorne

Sussex Police said: “The order prevents her from asking people in Brighton and Hove for money but both before and since her sentencing officers have had multiple reports of Thorne approaching people and doing just that, mainly in the city but also further afield across Sussex.

“Typically Thorne asks for between £20 and £30, saying that she’s been visiting a relative in hospital, her car has broken down and she needs cash for a bus, taxi or train fare home.

“She then either provides false personal details or takes contact details from the victim, promising to return the loan but never doing so.

“Thorne is now liable for arrest for fraud offences and for breaching the court order, and could be sent to prison.

“Anyone asked for money by Thorne or witnessing her asking for money, should contact police immediately on 999, quoting serial 47170078934.

“Sightings of Thorne, information as to her whereabouts or details of previous scams can be reported online or by phoning 101, again quoting serial 47170078934.”

  1. Hayek Reply

    I see this woman not as a criminal, but a kind of anarcho-capitalist – pushing at the edges of the free market, taking advantage of the naive and gullible.
    Not defrauding them but entering into a voluntary contract of exchange with no coercion, threat or violence.
    A sort of Austrian School hero, a Kemptown version of Von Mises or Rothbard.

    • Hank Reply

      There is deception, so it’s fraud.

  2. Sonia Reply

    It’s only people who feel guilty that give money to sob story fraudster, why else would you give your hard earned bloody cash away, unless it’s not hard earned.

  3. Michael Reply

    Months ago now, but she tried it on with me near Brighton hospital. I gave her nothing, and she accepted that without argument, just said “ok, thanks” and walked away.

  4. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    Oh bless her. I tend to agree with other commenters: I appreciate that she’s allegedly in breach of her Criminal Behaviour Order, but she’s hardly the criminal mastermind of the century. She’s never aggressive or even pushy, and her sob-story is always well-executed.
    If she were to start plying her trade at storytelling festivals, she’d probably go down a storm. In the meantime, it’s not so much a con-trick, more an idiot tax.

  5. Chris maynard Reply

    Why shouldn’t she ask people for money ?
    The government are the biggest criminals in this country , they take money from innocent people without asking and call it taxes and if we don’t pay , we get locked up ,
    If people are stupid enough to give her money then so be it , No I wouldn’t call her a criminal

  6. christopher whitehead Reply

    She is a disgusting con artist who depends on decent people to show genuine sympathy for another human being, which this woman isn’t. The replies here are typical Brighton wannabe hippy rubbish. Prison is the place for it.

    • Fishwife, 49 Reply

      How much did you give her?

  7. S.A.Sheppard Reply

    You Brightonions need to wake up. She’s a fraudster. She’s avading paying her way in the world. I despise spongers. I would like to hear her story.

  8. Brian pearce Reply

    She is a liar and con artist with no morals or self respect just tell her to go away and stop preying on decent peoples kindness

  9. Outreach 1 Reply

    I feel quite sad for this individual but enough is enough now. You’ve had a good run at your money making now is the time to try and think of another blag as this has run it’s time now. There’s numerous ways to blag these stupid people that have fallen for this blag time and time again. And I feel that the police are struggling with arrests this month due to the absurd quote saying to dial 999 and report this person. I wonder if this will send a response unit asap as it seems to be that Sussex police only deal with incidents like this. But as I was saying you need to find another blag. You m sure your be back making bear money asap .

  10. Tony Reply

    I’d rather the police do something about the dog attacks in vale park, apparently it’s just for the dog warden to deal with, until a child is hurt or killed. But you know, they want you to call 999 for this women, absolute waste of time if you ask me. I certainly won’t be calling 999 if I see her.

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