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Posted On 05 Nov 2017 at 3:29 am

PINS at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17


Tonight, Manchester-based all-girl-band PINS played an enthralling set at The Haunt in Brighton and the enthusiastic crowd were loving it.

PINS join the crowd at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

PINS were formed in 2011 by singer/guitarist Faith Holgate alongside bassist Anna Donigan, drummer Lara Williams, and guitarist Lois McDonald. After Holgate had spent time in different bands, mostly alongside guys, she was fed up with being the “token girl” and decided to invest time in finding an all-girl line-up. Once the other three members were recruited, they set to work playing noisy, pop-influenced, guitar-led music that nodded to noted influences such as Hole, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and Beach House.

ARXX at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

Support acts tonight for PINS were ARXX and Madonnatron. ARXX are a Brighton based Garage Rock duo of Hannah Pidduck (vocals/guitar) and Clara Townsend (drums), who broke on to the scene early 2014. They marry together an eclectic range of influences stemming from punk, blues, soul, and garage rock and tonight their half hour set went down rather well with the punters. There sure was quite a bit of energy coming from the stage especially as there was just the two of them.

ARXX at The Haunt

The songs that ARXX performed tonight were: ‘She’s My Demon’, ‘Moments At A Time’, ‘The Storm’, ‘Cat Song’, ‘Tired Of You’ and the finale was ‘Masters Of Device’.

For more info on the band, try:

Madonnatron at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

Madonnatron are Stefania, Charlie, Beth and Joanie out of London and they state they are ‘viciously audacious novices to electric noise who have crafted a merciless assemblage of leering distain’ – sound about right. The girls launched their debut self-titled 10 track album in July.

Madonnatron at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

This evening they performed a decent half hour seven song set for us and those present enjoyed it. The running order was: ‘Bad Woman’, ‘Be My Bitch’, ‘Mother’s Funeral’, ‘Psycho Lover’. ‘Headless Children’ (which they released as a split single in August), ‘Mermaids’ (which was recorded live for their Marc Riley BBC Music session), ‘Sangue Neuf’.

Madonnatron at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

For more info on the band, visit:

It was now time for the PINS headline set. The ladies are described as a noisy, garage, catchy shoe-gaze pop band who have previously performed at festivals including SXSW and Secret Garden Party. They have recently collaborated with none other than Iggy Pop for their song entitled ‘Aggrophobe’, as part of the band’s 5 track ‘Bad Thing’ EP, which incidentally includes a decent cover of ‘Dead Souls’ by Joy Division (alas not performed tonight).

PINS at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

PINS have an enjoyably rough-and-gritty live sound with some attitude, but tonight I can report that it was pleasant attitude. It could have been something to do with the venue as the girls have previously performed a series of shows in a number of unconventional spaces, such as disused office blocks and hotel basements, but to be honest, I think that they are just up for having great fun together.

PINS joining the crowd at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

PINS released their first single, ‘LUVU4LYF’, in 2012 and in October 2013 they brought out their self-produced debut album, ‘Girls Like Us’, which they recorded in only a week. 2015 saw the arrival of their poppier and more polished ‘Wild Nights’ which came out on the Brighton based label Bella Union.

PINS at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

The current line-up for PINS reads Faith Holgate (vocals/guitar), Anna Donigan (bass), Lois McDonald (guitar), Sophie Galpin and Kyoko Swan (guitar/keyboards) and last month they released their new single ‘Serve The Rich’ along with a reworking of their ‘LUVU4LYF’ track in a rather strikingly evocative cover. It was produced by indie rock guitarist Jamie Hince of The Kills.

PINS at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

The lucky punters at The Haunt in Brighton were treated to an initial eleven song set and followed by a three song encore. They opened with their 2016 single ‘Trouble’ and then the running order after that went ‘Hot Slick’, ‘Heart Is A Machine’, ‘Bad Thing’, ‘Serve The Rich’ (their new single), ‘Fun Machine’, ‘LUVU4LYF’, ‘Deaths Door’, ‘If I Was’, ‘Bad Habit’, ‘Girls Like Us’, (encore) ‘Aggrophobe’, ‘All Hail’ (definitely my fave PINS track), ‘Young Girls’.

PINS at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

During the finale, the crowd were invited to join the band on stage, having already joined the audience earlier on in the night.

PINS at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

Want to know more about PINS then visit:

PINS at The Haunt, Brighton 4.11.17

And there you have it, a rather pleasant evening with a total of a dozen ladies on stage including the DJ and not a guy in sight! Makes a pleasant change I say. Thanks girls.

PINS Tour Poster

Tonight’s gig running order

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