Don’t Miss: Tipping Point, Brighton Dome, April 5 and 6

Posted On 31 Mar 2018 at 4:58 pm

Tipping Point

Thurs 5 & Fri 6 April, 7.30pm
Brighton Dome Concert Hall
£12.50, £15*
Under 16s half price, Under 26s £10

Tipping Point is the exhilarating, award-winning new show by masters of aerial theatre Ockham’s Razor. Performed in the round with the audience drawn in close, five highly skilled performers transform 5ft metal poles into a rich landscape of images, as the action veers from near-catastrophe to mastery. “The show is designed to feel like it could fall on you; like it’s in your face and we wanted to bring in people as close as we could” described one of the performers Alex Harvey.

Poles are balanced, swung from, climbed and walked along, transforming into a forest, a cross road, a pendulum. These poles are not only supporters, but also barriers. As the performers cling to this teetering world, should they rail against the chaos, or let life tilt towards the tipping point?

The group take their name – Ockham’s Razor – from the principal of logic that favours the simplistic, and the cutting out of unnecessary elements. This idea is at the very heart of Tipping Point. They may be hugely talented performers attempting risky acrobatic feats, but this isn’t circus in its traditional form. Rather than paint the circus performer as a superhuman character capable of impressive feats, Tipping Point draws on the human and the real, where the characters go through recognisable experiences, emotions and conflicts which the audience can identify with and relate to. As the team themselves say: “we feel that we’ve achieved our aims when members of the audience have said to us ‘I wanted to come on stage and do it with you’”.

Tipping Point will have you holding your breath and on the edge of your seat.

‘A touching exploration of trust and betrayal, executed with a playful lightness of touch’ – The Financial Times

‘Mesmerising and breathtaking – their best show yet’ – British Theatre Guide

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