Hinds chicas Brighton concert has fiesta vibe

Posted On 21 Apr 2018 at 1:56 am


Finally it was time to see Spain’s hottest music export perform at Brighton’s Concorde 2.

Carlotta from Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Hinds are out of Madrid and are Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar), Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar), Ade Martin (bass, backing vocals) and Dutch born Amber Grimbergen (drums) and they are fun fun fun!

Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Don’t believe me, then watch the fun video for their new anthem ‘New For You’ HERE.

‘I Don’t Run’ the new album by Hinds

This track is from their newly released second album ‘I Don’t Run’ which was unleashed to their adoring fans on 6th April. It arrived two years after their terrific debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’.

Ade from Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

The ladies, who formed back in 2011 as a duo, are on a 37+ date UK, Europe and USA album plugging tour and thankfully Brighton was again on their list. As singer Carlotta told the Concorde 2 crowd tonight, that they love performing in Brighton and its general vibe and likened London to Barcelona and Brighton to Madrid (where they come from). Obviously something to do with the crowds response to their uplifting indie-rock tunes. Brighton was only one of five UK gigs.

Carlotta and Ana from Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Each time they play here, they need to book a bigger venue. First it was The Joker pub at Preston Circus (just when they were changing the band name from Deers to Hinds) and then they came back and played Patterns and now tonight they are gigging right next door to the beach.

Hinds giving a champion performance in Brighton 20.4.18

Personally, I discovered the girls back in 2014 when they were originally called Deers and had only upload four trax on Bandcamp. To me they ARE the best band ever to come out of Spain – full stop!

Hinds shaking their booty in Brighton 20.4.18

So tonight’s 16 track set was always going to be a real treat for me. It is interesting to note that they are getting more polished with their stage presence whilst still maintaining the lovable DIY ethos.

Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18 (pic Andy Sturmey)

Singer Carlotta addressed the lucky punters the most as usual and Ana spoke her piece too and unusually Ade was quite talkative this evening as well. Might have been something to do with her parents specially coming to the gig to watch their boiler suited daughter in action.

Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Not surprisingly the gig kicked off with the new albums opener ‘The Club’, which set the tone for the night. I particularly noted that tonight’s crowd (who were of varying ages) were singing along to the tunes including the songs from the latest release. I hadn’t recalled this happened at my previous Hinds gigs and so these chicas are on the way up!

Carlotta crowd surfing at the Concorde 2, Brighton 20.4.18

They were having fun tonight jumping around the stage and amazingly in Carlotta’s case, she even full crowd surfed! The fans couldn’t believe it. There were so many smiley faces around me, you could tell that they were all being swept along with the occasion.

I need to get back on stage please Mr Security Guard

My choice trax from the night would be the early releases of ‘Castigadas En El Granero’ and ‘Bamboo’, but even they were eclipsed by ‘New For You’ and the Ramones-esque chant of ‘Davey Crockett’ (gabba-gabba-hey), for which the band invited their tour manager and crew on stage to play their guitars and bass whilst the girls solely took to mic duties.

Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Once again our Spanish (and Dutch) friends had delivered and words getting out!

Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18 (pic Andy Sturmey)

Grab your copy of the new Hinds ‘I Don’t Run’ album HERE and HERE.

Ana from Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Want to know more about Hinds, click here: http://www.hindsband.com/

To make it easy for you, Hinds have put it on a plate.

Hinds Concorde 2 setlist tonight was:
‘The Club’, ‘Chili Town’, ‘Soberland’, ‘Caribbean Moon’ (Kevin Ayers cover), ‘Echoing My Name’, ‘Easy’, ‘Castigadas En El Granero’, ‘Linda’, ‘Garden’, ‘Tester’, ‘Rookie’, ‘Bamboo’, ‘Davey Crockett’ (Thee Headcoatees cover), (encore) ‘Finally Floating’, ‘New For You’, ‘San Diego’.

One last chance for a photo before leaving the Concorde 2 stage

Amber from Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

The tour crew join Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Ade from Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Ade and Carlotta from Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Amber getting ready for a party…….

Ana from Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

Hinds live in Brighton 20.4.18

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