Brighton Fringe Review: Cabaret From The Shadows

Posted On 20 May 2018 at 11:05 am

Cabaret from the shadows. The Warren: The Hat, 17th and 18th May 2018.

“Why and I here?”

“What are the mysteries of my soul?”

“I am going to read your minds” threatens the Cabaret From The Shadows. You may well be fearful if your mind includes anything on brexit, capitalism, breastfeeding, and the royal wedding. Cunningly devised to make you stop and think, and reminding us of the distractions we use to deflect the cruel realities of this capitalist mayhem we find ourselves in, in Britain in 2018. Such as cat videos and selfie sticks….I mean come on, we need reminding! “Hey audience, wake up!” they are shouting, “put that selfie stick down and pay attention!”

The Spearhead

Cleverly weaving in serious topics such as the illegal occupation of Palestine, this anarchic bunch of lovely twisted misfits seduce the audience then slap them with a healthy dose of reality. The use of traditional fairground revelry lulls you into thinking, “hey, I’m having fun throwing balls at a target,”, and then – no, I won’t give away the punch line in this, but it’s sinister!

Teatro Pomodoro are an international theatre company, based in Liverpool, and have a full dark underbelly of clownery. All hugely talented at playing several different roles, they switch around, dance, sing, play and most of all, twist your minds.

For the discerning ethical theatre goer with a sense of fun, Cabaret From The Shadows will not disappoint, especially if you sit on the front row. I ended up married off to one of the cast! Serious, fun, talented darkness.

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