Hove Park School to build new canteen

Posted On 21 May 2019 at 12:04 pm

An artist’s impression of the new canteen

Hove Park School is set to get a new canteen to replace its shabby old dining block.

The school has applied to Brighton and Hove City Council for permission for the new building, which will house a kitchen and dining area along an office and toilets.

The application says it will “address the need for improved and healthier eating spaces” after the Department for Education identified the current block as no longer fit for purpose.

Hove Park head Jim Roberts said: “The new dining facilities on our Nevill campus are just the start of plans to develop the learning environment across the school.

“We are currently exploring opportunities with the local authority to further enhance our sporting, drama and science areas. The confirmed capital investment in Hove Park will make a significant difference to student experience.

“These are exciting times to be part of the school.”

In the planning statement, DPP One Ltd senior planner Matthew Rhodes says: “The fabric and structure of the existing kitchen and dining block is in very poor condition and continues to deteriorate due to age and a lack of investment.

“Having considered the general condition of the block it is noted that other issues exist which suggest that refurbishment would not be a cost‐effective solution, nor would it ensure a 15‐year life span for the block.

“It is for this reason that this application is brought forward for a replacement new‐build block.

“Funding for the new building is being provided by the Department for Education (DfE). All other buildings will remain and therefore pupil capacity at the school will be as existing.”

The current dining block

If the plans are approved, the current dining block will be demolished once the new kitchen and dining building has been installed and the people and equipment moved over to the new build.

There are no proposed changes to the pedestrian or vehicle access and no intended additional car parking or changes to the parental drop-off or pick-up arrangements.

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