The meeting space with the finest view …

Posted On 20 Jun 2019 at 11:24 pm

A committee held its first meeting in a venue with one of the finest views for miles around.

And given the subject matter, it was fitting that they should choose a beach hut on Hove seafront to get together.

The Hove Beach Hut Association held its first annual general meeting (AGM) last month in a packed room at the Gather Inn – formerly the Blue Lagoon and previously the Adur pub.

Now the association’s committee has held its first meeting – with a beach hut as the venue.

The association said: “The inaugural annual general meeting of Hove Beach Hut Association took place on Wednesday 15 May in a packed room of over 100 hut owners.

“Its first committee meeting has now taken place in a meeting room like no other … a beach hut on the Western Esplanade.

“The group was founded in 2018 by Councillor Robert Nemeth in response to Brighton and Hove City Council’s proposed 10 per cent sales tax – £2,500 in some cases.

“The campaign was immediately a hit with hut owners who had not enjoyed representation from any sort of owner group in the past.

“The inaugural AGM saw a constitution approved and a committee elected. The meeting was opened by Councillor Nemeth who then handed over to Cathy Biggs, the group’s newly elected chair.

“Many points of concern were raised at the meeting by hut owners including vandalism, break-ins, dilapidations and unsafe cycling on the promenade.

“All of this and much more was discussed by the new committee at their first meeting on Monday (17 June) at one of the committee member’s huts close to the King Alfred.

“Various proposals for events have emerged including a beach hut day in August and a potential charity fundraiser one Christmas evening. More details will follow.”

Some of the members at the Hove Beach Hut Association AGM

Councillor Nemeth said: “There was a pressing need for a group to represent owners of beach huts in Hove and I was actually surprised that such a thing didn’t exist already.

“I am delighted that so many are now involved and that an incredibly able committee is now in place.

“I will be staying on for now and helping wherever possible to ensure a really impactful first year.”

Cathy Biggs said: “I was pleased to be elected chair of HBHA at the AGM which was very well attended by beach hut owners who were interested, enthusiastic and really welcoming of the chance to have their say.

“The committee, owners and I welcome the opportunity to work with the council to our mutual benefit and to carry on being custodians of the iconic Hove seafront.”

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