Neighbours fight plans for Brighton flats

Neighbours are fighting plans to replace low-rise commercial buildings with a three-storey block of flats and offices.

But officials have given their support to the proposed scheme, in York Place, Brighton, submitted by developer John Bacon.

It has been recommended for approval in a report to Brighton and Hove City Council’s Planning Committee which is due to meet next week.

The scheme includes ground-floor offices and seven flats on the first and second floor.

These would be arranged around a central courtyard with storage for bikes and bins.

Neighbours have sent 19 letters opposing the scheme and one in support.

Opponents said that the proposed building was too high, would overlook them and make parking problems worse in the area.

York Villas resident Nicola Graimes said that she did not object to the scheme in principle but opposed the height and number of flats and offices proposed.

She said: “This is primarily a residential area and it concerns me that in the new proposal there are plans for five commercial units so the level of disruption is nearly tripled and with no restrictions on operating hours.

“We currently purchase a yearly parking permit but despite this we can rarely park in our own street, day or night. With added pressure from a new residential/commercial premises this is only likely to get worse.”

Fellow neighbour David Tynan said that the design was out of keeping with the area.

He added: “York Villas already has a shortage of available parking especially after 5pm where often residents have to park several streets away.

“In an age where households have more than one car the extra burden of more vehicles will bring the current situation to crisis point.”

The council’s environmental health team would like office hours restricted to 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and 10am to 6pm at weekends.

And the council would expect an £11,500 “developer contribution” for sustainable transport and £70,000 for affordable housing as none would be provided on site.

Future residents would also be unlikely to qualify for parking permits.

The application is due to be decided by the council’s Planning Committee next Wednesday (6 November) at Hove Town Hall. The meeting is scheduled to start at 2pm and should be open to the public.

  1. Stephen Watton Reply

    Parking problems for current residents- ” most households have more than one car” do the planet a favour- loose a car!! Once again nimby rantings from hostile ,preserve my demand for build more homes for people- just not near me!. £70,000 ” backhander” towards ” affordable house/studio/box room. Shame on you once more B/H council!! Whoring yourselves and any??? Social concience any of you might have once?? Had.

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