Brighton Pavilion Conservatives select NHS doctor

Posted On 12 Nov 2019 at 9:57 pm

The Conservatives have chosen an NHS doctor as the party’s candidate in Brighton Pavilion.

Emma Hogan, a psychiatrist, was one of the first graduates from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

After graduating she worked at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton General Hospital and Hove Polyclinic before taking a job in London.

She has returned to Sussex as a psychiatrist and taken up a place on a “parliamentary scholar” scheme run by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The Conservative Party said: “This was a unique opportunity to see how Parliament works and to play her part in influencing change, albeit small.

“Emma found the experience exhilarating and rewarding and she jumped at the chance of standing in the local council elections to represent North Portslade.

“This was a difficult campaign at a challenging time but as with everything she does she gave it 100 per cent.”

The two North Portslade seats on Brighton and Hove City Council were held by Labour.

In the general election on Thursday 12 December Dr Hogan, 45, will take on Caroline Lucas, Britain’s first Green MP.

Caroline Lucas won the seat from Labour in 2010 and was returned in 2015 and 2017 – each time with a bigger majority.

She also faces Adam Imanpour, who stood for election to the council in May but who was also unsuccessful.

Emma Hogan

After being selected to contest Brighton Pavilion, Dr Hogan, who works for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said: “This is going to be an exciting new challenge. I will give it my all and believe that the constituency is ripe for a change.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to represent my fellow Brightonians with all the issues we care so deeply about.

“If you see me out and about in the constituency with my lovely rescue dogs, Megan and Jackie, please come and say hello.”

  1. gilbert bligh Reply

    Hogan has no chance at all – you can put your house on Useless Lucas being elected again – the hypocrite that campaigns for taxes on aviation and reduction in CO2 gases yet regularly takes flights to the USA to visit her son

    • Will Reply

      What are you suggesting? She takes a boat? Or disowns her son? She has been open about this supposed hypocrisy and once again the point is being missed – it’s not realistic for everyone to be perfect but to do as much as they can regarding the climate crisis. As for useless, someone who has done so much for their constituents whilst also attending and speaking in parliament more than any other politician is far from useless and gained her MP of the year. Your idiotic bias is not only uncalled for but is downright ignorant.

      • gilbert bligh Reply

        I’m not suggesting anything – I’m stating facts – MP of the year!!!!!!! someone who tried to garner support from MP’s like Nicola Sturgeon to usurp the cabinet by forming an emergency all female one to prevent Brexit – seriously that is surely the work of an anti-democratic, dictatorial and deranged person. She also campaigned in Parliament against page 3 of The Sun newspaper while thousands of her constituents sit on the council house waiting list and many people sleeping homeless on the streets of Brighton – Useless Loony Lucas

  2. Rob Reply

    most pointless selection in the world, or at least certainly the UK, in the UKs most left wing seat

  3. Rob Reply

    in the UKs most left wing seat, what was the point? i hope he isn’t fronting his deposit

    • Rolivan Reply


    • Lemming Reply

      Gormless, gullible Gilbert…
      Or boorish, blustering Bligh… Or maybe white male stereotype – interesting how both your choices of her campaigns you attacked involve empowerment of women….. Got a problem?

      • gilbert bligh Reply

        Lemmings have been known to follow each other by jumping off cliffs – that sums up what you, the Greens, Lib Dems and Labour party policies will do to this country if they win the election – throw the whole country off the cliff with them by their insane actions – and it’s not just the Labour party who are anti-semitic – Lucas likes to support Palestine against Iarael when she shoudbe more concerned about what goes on in her own constituency – remarkable how cyclical dictator-types like her foster their dislike of the Jewish race.

  4. Rolivan Reply

    I think it will be good to have a real Doctor as M.P.and especially a Psychiatrist to advise and help with the epidemic proportions of mental health problems caused by Drug and Alcohol abuse that has blighted the City for far too long.

    • Billy Bob Reply

      Not going to happen, I predict she will get less than 2,000 votes like the previous one as Pavilion residents clearly don’t want a Conservative as around 39,000 of them voted Green or Labour in 2017.

      I shall be voting Green to STOP BREXIT. :o)

  5. David Lepper Reply

    Interesting to see that she benefited from being a graduate of Brighton and Sussex Medical School. One of a number set up by the last Labour government to help provide more qualified doctors etc for an NHS which had been starved by the Tories.

  6. David Reply

    Perhaps she saw first-hand how futile and counterproductive Labour’s targets were or how badly they botched the billions wasted on IT. Labour at least kept the fax machine industry in business. And of course there were the pointless re-organisations. Although tbh on IT and organisation and so much else, it’s hard to say the Tories have done any better.
    A plague on both their houses!

  7. Esmerelda Reply

    I don’t know how to vote tomorrow, to vote against scarce resources being used to prioritise climate change, when the real emergency is homelessness, and many other issues that are actually important. If I thought this lady could beat Caroline Lucas I would vote for her. If this lady is financing her own deposit I would vote for her just so she doesn’t lose that. There is no right way to vote in this area, just throwing your vote away to support somebody just so they don’t lose their deposit.

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