Brighton beaches to be closed to thwart Christmas Day swimmers

Posted On 25 Dec 2019 at 12:35 am

The council said that it would be closing beaches close to the Palace Pier today (Wednesday 25 December) to thwart Christmas Day swimmers.

Brighton and Hove City Council said: “The council will once again be taking extra measures to discourage swimmers from taking a Christmas Day dip by closing access to the beaches around the Brighton Palace Pier.”

The council’s seafront operations manager Chris Ingall said: “As open water swimming has become more popular over the last few years, we are seeing more groups of swimmers gathering for winter swim sessions.

“It is extremely important that those wishing to enjoy this invigorating and extreme form of free and healthy activity fully understand the real dangers involved.

“Cold water sea swimming takes skill, stamina and knowledge of the physical dangers and should only be for the very experienced, using suitable wetsuits, in very calm conditions and with friends.

“Even on a calm day sea currents, unpredictable waves or a sudden change in weather can create life-threatening hazards without warning. Even experienced swimmers can get caught out.

“Check the conditions on the day and consider all those in the group.

“The sea will be there tomorrow. Don’t take unnecessary risks that could threaten your life or others trying to help.”

For those keen to swim on Christmas Day, there’s always Saltdean Lido which is due to open its heated pool.

Two sessions are planned

  • 8am to 8.45am
  • 9am to 9.45am

Tickets cost £10 and include a hot drink and mince pie. The event was sold out last year so booking is advisable.

  1. Keith Fayers Reply

    The council’s policy stinks.

  2. Vermont Scripps Reply

    Just as petty as the incapable and incompetent Green Council, when they used to close the beach’s at Christmas

  3. Ruth Vizor Reply

    What a shame doesn’t seem to be very community spirited £10 a swim who is that benefiting?
    Further along in Hove and Worthing people swim freely also eastbourne I believe
    Whitley bay seem to have a very liberated approach
    Safety should be paramount though & people do take risks swimming in extreme weathers without contemplating those who risks their lives to save them
    Surely the council could provide lifeguards on this day to help coordinate the whole event

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