Counter petition to Amex glow campaign started

Posted On 27 Jan 2020 at 9:39 am

By Steve Geliot

A counter petition has been started in response to calls for Brighton and Hove Albion to dim the Amex’s orange glow.

Should the Amex dim its lights?

The original petition, started by Steve Geliot, calls on the football club to “put out that light” – referring to the night-time lights which are switched on in winter lights to help the grass grow so the pitch meets Premier league standards.

The resulting glow can be seen in the night skies more than ten miles away, and new research suggests that light pollution like this can have an adverse effect on wildlife, including insect populations.

Mr Geliot, whose petition has now been signed by more than 6,000 people says mitigating measures such as reflective panels could solve the issue.

But a new petition, entitled Leave the lights on and save our pitch, argues the lights are crucial to the club’s success.

The petition, started on Saturday by Owen Care, says: “Snowflakes are everywhere they interfere with everything.

“These lights are crucial for the playing surface in a ground supported by tens of thousands locally.

“Let not some self entitled idiots ruin this for us.”

At the time of publication, it had been signed by 38 people.

In response to the original petition, a spokesman for Brighton and Hove Albion said: “In the winter months, whilst we may at times experience high rainfall and high winds, with little or no natural sunlight, a grass pitch misses a key element of its natural ability to re-generate and grow after use. We must therefore replicate that loss of light artificially.

“Clearly, we will always limit the use of artificial light – for all the reasons highlighted – but I’m afraid we are unable to further limit or eliminate its use completely. To do so, would be to significantly neglect our other responsibilities.

“Please be assured that we take our responsibilities for the environment very seriously indeed, but like airlines, car manufacturers, supermarkets, consumer goods factories, and other businesses we all use every day, it is impossible for us to eliminate our environmental footprint altogether.”

  1. Nick Reply

    So according to the new petition anyone who is concerned about the environment is a snowflake. That’s on top of the club’s offical statement which was all about the club’s revenue and how much they have spent on players. Hardly the community focussed club they like to pretend they are!

  2. Kev Reply

    The Petition was started by a fan ,nothing to do with the club. .,snowflake 😄

    • Nick Reply

      That’s why I made the distinction between the petition and the club’s official statement

    • Rick Reply

      Another snowflake defending a snowflake…

    • Victor Meldrew Reply

      Pathetic name-calling. Silly response

  3. Victor Meldrew Reply

    If the lights are cucial to the club’s success then they should have had a sliding roof fitted over the stadium to let them do what they are doing without light polluting the environment for miles around.

    • S. Parez Reply

      Good idea. This would also serve to allow the stadium to be used in bad weather. A bonus for fans and the environment, therefore win win.

  4. S. Parez Reply

    Since when did the term “snowflake” become acceptable?

    If, as I am led to believe, it has its origins in Nazi Germany and was used to mock the holocaust victims (referring to the ashes of the cremation chambers) then I for one am proud to bear that name in their honour.

    Those who find it acceptable to mock anyone who thinks differently to themselves, particularly with such terminology, need to take a long, hard look at whose behaviour they are replicating.

  5. Tony Reply

    The club knows its in the wrong 7000+ signed the original petition as opposed to 38 on the rival one. Speaks volumes. The club will simply come out with more marketing bull in an attempt to justify this. I’m aiting for the “we bring millions into the town” comments. This is an utter travesty and as for that moron Owen Care calling everybody that doesn’t want to see wildlife suffer and watch a needless waste of energy every night a snowflake, suggests he has absolutely missed the memo about caring for the environment.

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