Flooding alert for Patcham

Posted On 06 Mar 2020 at 4:27 pm

Flooding in Patcham in summer 2019

A flood alert has been issued for Patcham following half a month’s rainfall yesterday.

The government’s flood warning service issued the warning at 2pm today, saying water is already being pumped from one cellar in the area.

The alert says: “Groundwater levels are high, and rising again, at Ladies Mile borehole, following 35mm of rain (half the monthly average in just a day).

“We understand water is being pumped from one cellar in Patcham. With groundwater levels set to rise beyond their peak of December 2019, we expect water to appear in a few more cellars by Monday.

“Previous events suggest impacts initially affect Old London Road, Patcham and Peacock Lane, Withdean.

“Further periods of rain Sunday morning and Monday afternoon could cause groundwater levels to rise within Patcham village, throughout next week. If correct, this could affect roughly ten properties.

“We hope to have greater confidence in the rainfall forecast and our predictions next week.

“We will continue to monitor the weather forecast and will continue to liaise with Brighton and Hove City Council.

“If you have pumps to help manage water levels in basements, please ensure they are operational.”

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