‘Life’s A Bitch’ for Sheep On Drugs

Posted On 09 Mar 2020 at 11:56 pm

Lee Fraser of Sheep On Drugs live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 08.03.20 (pic Cris Watkins Photography/PunkInFocus) (click on pic to enlarge)


Tonight, we hot footed it to The Prince Albert in Brighton from The Hope & Ruin, as we had just witnessed a thrilling half hour set from exciting new band Monakis – read the review HERE.

This evening at The Prince Albert saw the welcome return to Sussex of Sheep On Drugs. They formed back in the day in New Cross in London and specialised in ‘cheap white trash’ techno and Industrial music. The founder members being vocalist Duncan X (a.k.a. King Duncan), who has gone off to pursue a non-music career (tattooing I believe) and the ever present Gibsun keytarist (and vocalist) Lee Fraser (a.k.a. Dead Lee). These days Lee has a female companion in the form of Johnny Borden on vocals/electronics.

Things didn’t exactly start too well tonight for the duo, as one of the mic’s wasn’t initially working and then a short while afterwards Johnny’s heel came off her left boot which sent her flying to the floor, but she professionally carried on. The lighting was somewhat annoying as well, as it was continual flashing strobe red. So if there had been any epileptics present, then that might have been most uncomfortable for them. Indeed it was a tad chaotic and more than likely akin to an Alan Vega and Martin Rev Suicide gig back in the 1970’s. Talking of the 1970’s, my learned friend made the observation that Lee is sporting features similar to Alice Cooper.

Sheep On Drugs live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 08.03.20 (pics Cris Watkins Photography/PunkInFocus) (click on pics to enlarge)

This evening Sheep On Drugs performed music from 1993 right through to 2019, with the choice tracks being ‘Rip It Up’ (2005), ‘Motorbike’ (1993), ‘Waiting For The Man’ (1997), and most definitely their final two numbers ‘15 Minutes Of Fame’ (1993) and ‘Life’s A Bitch’ (2005). I lived in hope of hearing the awesome ‘Mary Jane’ and ‘TV USA’, but sadly they did not get an airing. But at least I had heard them live around the time of their release at a gig up in London.

I tend to prefer their more intense, faster tunes and their set got quicker and heavier the longer it went on, but I would have enjoyed myself more if they had dropped the slower numbers as they seem to be at the wrong speed for me – Like playing a 45RPM single at 33RPM. Having said that, I am glad they the duo came to Brighton as I don’t feel as there is enough of this EDM/EBM (electronic dance music/electronic body music) around these days.

I have always had a soft spot for the band, ever since hearing their ‘Motorbike’/’Mary Jane’ single the very first time back in 1993, and although their sound tonight wasn’t as powerful as it used to be, it’s still Sheep On Drugs isn’t it. Let the good times roll…………

Sheep On Drugs setlist:
‘Intro’ (found on 1994 ‘…On Drugs’ album)
‘Step Into The Light’ (found on 2019 ‘Does Dark Matter’ album)
‘Let The Good Times Roll’ (found on 1994 ‘…On Drugs’ album)
‘Still Ill’ (found on 2010 ‘Medication Time’ album)
‘Track X’ (found on 1993 ‘Greatest Hits’ album)
‘Motorbike’ (found on 1993 ‘Greatest Hits’ album)
‘Hero And Heroine’ (found on 2010 ‘Medication Time’ album)
‘Rip It Up’ (found on 2005 ‘F**K’ album)
‘Waiting For The Man’ (found on 1997 ‘One For The Money’ album)
‘Going Soon’ (found on 2019 ‘Does Dark Matter’ album)
‘12 Good Years’ (found on 2010 ‘Medication Time’ album)
‘15 Minutes Of Fame’ (found on 1993 ‘Greatest Hits’ album)
‘Life’s A Bitch’ (found on 2005 ‘F**K’ album)

More info on Sheep On Drugs HERE, watch their videos HERE and listen to their music HERE.

Support this evening came from DIGITALIS and Noisferatu.

DIGITALIS live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 08.03.20 (pics Cris Watkins Photography/PunkInFocus) (click on pics to enlarge)

To get the ball rolling tonight were Lewes and Weymouth based synth duo DIGITALIS. Vocalist Graham Denman and keyboardist Mike L’Angellier formed the band in Slough back in 1986 and they have cited over 30 years of electronic influences, thus seeing their sound as an amalgamation of synthpop, Hi- NRG, industrial rave, techno and EDM.

Tonight, as part of their eleven track set, the guys were premiering two brand new songs for the very first time ‘Was I An Icon’ and ‘I Wanna Know’, as well as performing three other as yet unreleased tunes (‘I’ll Follow’, ‘For All The Times’ and ‘Is That What You Came For’) in amongst their uplifting set. Sadly, some of their classic numbers had to give, but at least they are looking forward as well as back these days.

Digitalis setlist reads:
‘Give To Me’ ( found on ‘Accepting & Giving’ 12″ / ‘Collections Of Conditions’ album)
‘Head Over Heels’ (found on ‘A Taste’ cassette single / ‘Collections Of Conditions’ album)
‘The Pain Goes On’ (found on ‘Collections Of Conditions’ album)
‘Nothing Last Forever’ (found on ‘Collections Of Conditions’ album)
‘I’ll Follow’ (Unreleased track)
‘For All The Times’ (Unreleased track)
‘Could It Be That All Is Chaos’ (found on ‘Hold On To Me’ EP)
‘Was I An Icon’ (Unreleased track – First outing)
‘Is That What You Came For’ (Unreleased track)
‘I Wanna Know’ (Unreleased track – First outing)
‘Hold On To Me’ (found on ‘Hold On To Me’ EP)

Further details can be found about Digitalis HERE.

Noisferatu live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 08.03.20 (pics Cris Watkins Photography/PunkInFocus) (click on pics to enlarge)

Next up were Noisferatu who have morphed themselves into a trio. They offer up occult radish noise rituals. My only comment being to look up the title of The Smiths ninth single which was released on 1st July 1985.

Noisferatu setlist:
All Hail Thee Radish!!!

More info on Noisferatu HERE.

Sheep On Drugs setlist

Gig flyer

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