Tenth coronavirus case confirmed in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 15 Mar 2020 at 9:34 pm

A tenth case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Brighton and Hove, Public Health England said today (Sunday 15 March).

The news came as the number of deaths nationally increased again.

Public Health England said: “As of 9am on 15 March 2020, 40,279 people have been tested in the UK, of which 38,907 were confirmed negative and 1,372 were confirmed as positive. 35 patients who tested positive for covid-19 have died.”

  1. Cheryl groom Reply

    Where exactly in Brighton and Hove?

  2. Bradley Young Reply

    Cheryl groom
    Why would they tell you exactly where, This would just add to the mass panic and stupidity that’s already out there. Makes no difference exactly where it is as long as you follow the same hygiene rules and keep washing your hands

  3. Tree Reply

    For privacy and patients’ safety they would not tell us that Cheryl groom.

  4. Scorpious Ignotus Reply

    @ Bradley . So you’re thinking that washing hands protects against cough droplets within 5 meters from infected person? Is this what Boris told you? You don’t need to worry as long as you sing happy birthday twice and god save a queen for extra protection.

  5. Maria Martini Reply

    Washing hands?
    This is a bloody virus that attacks your lungs! Everyone need to wear a mask and keep distance from others

  6. Banjo Reply

    @Scorpious – Washing your hands doesn’t guarantee total protection, that’s correct; but not washing hands guarantees you zero protection, either to you or to the vulnerable people you may come into contact with. This pandemic won’t go away easily, but if we’re all a bit mindful and more conscious of where we put our fingers, we stand a fighting chance of not overloading a health service that may, to some, be the difference between life and death.

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