Latest change on the buses … no change!

Posted On 14 Apr 2020 at 2:49 pm

Bus bosses have said that drivers will no longer give change to customers who pay by cash but don’t have the exact fare.

Brighton and Hove Buses called on customers to use contactless cards or mobile phones rather than cash

Brighton and Hove Buses said that it would be bringing in the change from tomorrow (Wednesday 15 April) to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The company said: “Passengers are urged to pay by mobile phone or contactless instead of cash when they board.

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“Drivers will not give out change to those paying by cash from Wednesday 15 April.

“This is to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

“The bus company would like everybody to pay using the correct money or – better still – to use contactless or mobile phones instead.

“Customers can still buy scratchcard tickets with cash from selected shops across the bus network.

“To find a shop near you, go to”

  1. caeos Reply

    so no change voucher then? what happens to the overpament?

  2. Keith Payne Reply

    Is this another case of companies trying to make England a cashless country ??? Whatever next …..

  3. Jess Reply

    They have been refusing cash altogether and if you don’t have another way of paying they aren’t letting people on. They either take cash or they don’t. It’s absolutely disgusting to make people walk home when their official policy is to accept cash, even if it is exact change only.

  4. caeos Reply

    From the Buses
    If a passenger has not been able to tender the correct fare, we will be holding the amount owed in a suspense account from the end of that day. It won’t be used for any other purpose by the company.

    Further details on how to claim the money back will be available in due course, though we would still strongly encourage customers to pay via the keycard, the app or contactless where possible.

    • Paul Reply

      Hi.. the boss of Mastercard Europe stated on BBC radio 4- Moneybox Live program (prior covid)-that they are pushing for the cashless society by approx 2023/24.. covid is becoming the pretext used to accelerate this- despite no medical evidence as to its efficacy!

  5. Amanda F Starr Reply

    I have just been refused by the bus driver that he won’t take cash, saying its dirty etc etc
    What is your policy? He was so rude, disgusting

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