Brighton choir channels TLC to urge people to make More Scrubs

Posted On 15 Apr 2020 at 11:15 am

A Brighton choir has taken inspiration from 90s girl group TLC in a video urging sewers to make the NHS More Scrubs.

Members of The Rainbow Chorus, led by local performer Hannah Brackenbury, filmed themselves singing the alternative lyrics by Dungereen Jean to the 1999 hit in their front rooms and gardens.

They are also seen with sewing machines turning fabric including old duvet covers into scrubs for the Royal Sussex and other local health care providers.

Kezia Bibby, who produced the video, said: “Hannah and I are part of Rainbow Chorus. A few weeks ago our choir was asked to help out sewing scrubs for local health care providers.

“With so many people working and needing scrubs stockists have run out. After a bit of research we came across a big group online For The Love Of Scrubs as well as many other groups around the UK.

“We found patterns and got sewing.

“Being 40 year old pop fan, TLCs No Scrubs was an easy pick! I’m part of amateur dramatic and choir so have lots of musical friends who wrote lyrics and Hannah was very kind to do main performances

“Our choir recorded themselves at home and Hannah blended all the music

“Two other video editors from Be The Fox, James Eldridge and Chloe Kelly, donated their time to edit it all together and make it look amazing.”

There are several groups sewing in Brighton and surrounding areas now including Brighton Scrub Hub and East Sussex seamstresses as well as many smaller groups.

The Rainbow Chorus itself has now made dozens of scrubs for local GP and Royal Sussex County Hospital.

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