Coronavirus lockdown prompts Hove seafront protest

Posted On 19 May 2020 at 12:33 pm

A group of protesters marched along Hove seafront yesterday to protest about the continued coronavirus lockdown.

Photographs courtesy of Brighton Pictures

A woman with a megaphone spoke about our rights being restored and questioned whether people were scared to live their lives.

But the messages carried by the three dozen protesters also mentioned 5G – the latest generation of mobile phone technology.

Some have even tried to link the introduction of 5G infrastructure with the spread of the coronavirus – a theory dismissed by many mainstream scientists.

Other objects of protest included vaccines and the “deep state”.

Last week flyers circulated on social media inviting people to join “mass gatherings” at noon on Saturday on Brighton beach and Bevendean Downs as well as in other parts of the country.

There were no obvious signs of a demo in Brighton although about 30 people are reported to have gathered in Hyde Park, in London.

Sussex Police said: “A small protest took place along Hove seafront on Monday 18 May, monitored by police to ensure that it passed off without any issues.

“The policing role is to maintain law and order and protect public safety.

“We cannot enforce social distancing by law but encourage people to do so.”

  1. Rostrum Reply

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….. All the normal numpties.. At least they’ve got it off their chests…

  2. Rachel Lewis Reply

    Rent a mob. If they weren’t social distancing they should have been arrested.

  3. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    How were these lunatics allowed across the border into Hove?

  4. Valerie Reply

    ‘The right to choose’ to become infected, & infect others means the right to be blind to costs & consequences of personal actions, the right to have psychopathic behaviour indulged, the right to have pure evil intent overlooked. Thank God there were so few.

    • L. Symons Reply

      I don’t mind if they all march together, become infected together and die together as long as they don’t infect the sensible majority. Untermenschen.

      • L Reply


        Are you a nazi?

    • SEC Reply

      Incredibly well said

  5. bradly23 Reply

    fear rules, OK?

  6. James patrick Reply

    Do the idiots think this is all a joke there are thousands losing there lives and family losing there loved ones there is always a few that just don’t care so I feel they need a reality check the ONLY way they is social distancing the sooner they listen and do it the better just think of family and friends also very missed loved ones who have died lately or is that to hard to grasp

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      Some punctuation needed, i’d say.

      • Vanessa Newton Reply

        Punctuation, and it’s “their”, not ” there”….

  7. Joe browne Reply

    With rights come responsibility bit these people don’t like that part.

  8. Judy LR Reply

    I can only assume none of the protesters have lost anyone to COVID-19. Let’s hope none of them catch it from joining this protest.

  9. Wayne Reply

    Darwinism in action

  10. Alan Donaldson Reply

    These people who think that 5G causes the Covid Virus , are they not aware that the masts emit Microwaves so would acy=tually cook and kill the virus. Maybe someone could mention this to them 🙂

  11. Max van buttle Reply

    Horrid people got nothing better to do

  12. Kye Reply

    Sweden had no lockdown at all, less deaths than U.K. per capita

    Japan had no lockdown and 800 deaths.depaote busiest cities on the planet Tokyo etc.

    ONS says 44000 thousand excess deaths from 2014-2015 winter seasonal flu. No one batted an eyelid

    But hey, let’s all stay indoors until no one ever dies again !

  13. George Reply

    Kye, would you like to comment again, now that Sweden has the highest death rate per capita in the world over the last week?

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