Brighton reopens for business

Posted On 04 Jul 2020 at 10:05 pm

Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers were back in business across Brighton and Hove today (Saturday 4 July) although many premises have put off reopening for at least a few more days.

Among those back in business were the i360, the Palace Pier and the Sea Life Centre.

In the lead up to the easing of the covid-19 coronavirus lockdown, police and council chiefs had urged people to be sensible, especially around social distancing.

But advanced bookings for some premises and the damp and windy weather may have played a part in putting off some people from heading out and about.

There were some familiar faces at the British Airways i360 earlier today, including Simon Cowell lookalike Andy Penfold, Big Brother winner Joe Burrill and the Capital FM presenter Joe Cooper.

The broadcaster said: “BAi360 is such a great asset to Brighton. It is the best experience you will get on the south coast. The views are spectacular.

“I was lucky enough to experience a sunset flight last year and I’m so excited to be back again for opening day.

“It’s great to see people enjoying themselves and the incredible view after months of being stuck inside.”

The seafront attraction’s chief operating officer Ian Hart said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome visitors back on board again.

“The team has been working hard behind the scenes to restructure our processes and introduce new covid-19 secure measures.

“We are fortunate that BA i360 is located on Brighton beach, which means our visitors can be out in the fresh sea air before boarding.

“The BA i360 pod is extremely spacious, so visitors can socially distance while still moving around freely to enjoy the incredible views.”

Simon Cowell lookalike Andy Penfold – Picture by Lucy Ward Photography

Mr Hart added: “We have a sophisticated air conditioning system that brings in a continuous supply of fresh air from outside and then expels it rather than recirculating the air.

“We have large outdoor terrace spaces and decked areas for visitors to enjoy a drink or a meal – all with fabulous seafront views.

“People have been inside for so long. We imagine that Brighton beach will become the go-to place for people to reunite and safely socialise again.

“I know that the BA i360 team are excited to see visitors again and will do all they can to lift people’s spirits while they’re enjoying Brighton’s best views.”

  1. Stu Reply

    Nice one Andy!

  2. Billy Reply

    Perhaps the news headline should read: “Following the lockdown, Brighton pubs and attractions try to re-open on the coldest and windiest July weekend ever. ”
    Turns out the weather has more to say about attendance than any pent up demand.
    Meanwhile the council, who clearly make decisions based on pre-packed strategy and Zoom meetings held in icloudcuckoo land, have placed new signs on Hove prom saying “please don’t drink too much, it’s very naughty”.
    These new signs are in addition to the ones posted last week which read: “Tourists not welcome” and “Seafront bins don’t get emptied because we forgot to employ enough summer cleaning staff”.

    My favourite recent sign was the one which read: “Please take your recycling to the tip which we hope will re-open in six weeks time. PS. We won’t let in camper vans, plus the entrance to the Hove tip will be blocked by new empty cycle lanes.” Or was that the truthful sign they forget to write?

    • Jake Stokes Reply

      Nice bit of advertising for the i360 there (paid content?).

      In truth the views are disappointing, the flat roofs of most of the large buildings being not so attractive.

      I would also question the use of the term “flight” being used in the case of a donut that is permanently tethered to a pole.

      They do were those nice uniforms though I guess…

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