Tributes paid to Hove kayaker

Posted On 05 Aug 2020 at 7:37 pm

Tributes have been paid by family and friends after the body of a man was found washed ashore in Hove early yesterday (Tuesday 4 August).

Andrea Lauro

The body is believed to be Andrea Lauro, 36, who was the subject of an all-day search on Sunday after a kayak and paddle were found on the beach.

The father of two was seen to go into the sea near Hove Lagoon and to have fallen into the water.

He had two daughters, Courtney, 14, and Lucy, 11.

Mr Lauro and his brothers came to England from the Lake Como area of Italy when he was still at school.

Coastguard, lifeboat crews and police joined the search before it was called off at sunset.

One of the tributes on Facebook was posted by Mr Lauro’s brother who said: “A part of me died.”

A friend posted: “May the journey be light to you … protect your sweet creatures.”

Another friend wrote: “Safe journey my friend. You will be missed so much.”

Sussex Police said: “Formal identification has yet to take place but the body is believed to be that of a kayaker reported missing on Sunday morning.

“Next of kin have been informed and the matter has been passed to the coroner’s officer.”

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    This is very sad. It is impossible to have even an inkling of all that his friends are feeling, and I ache for them.

    As cllr Mac Cafferty remarked in a previous article about this, the Channel / La Manche can be deceptive.

    A friend remarked today that she did not take to the water upon a kayak on Sunday as the wind speed locally – available on the Met Office site – was 22 mph. This means that a seemingly placid sea can be worse than it appears when a gust appears, usually from the west.

    Do check.

    A life-vest has that very name as it can prevent death.

  2. Valerie Reply

    Kayaks lack weight and if they roll can trap users under water if strapped in. Just a slight roll can tip the paddler into the briney. I’m told there is kayak training available over Shoreham way.

    I hope peace of mind and happy memories can one day replace the huge grief this death has brought to family & friends.

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