Duke’s Mound gets lurid green coating as wildflower seeds are sprayed

Posted On 22 Apr 2021 at 3:18 pm

Seed spraying on Duke’s Mound slopes. Picture by Malka Spigel-Newman

Duke’s Mound has been given a bright green coating this week as the slopes are sprayed with wildflower seeds.

The non-native tamarisk bushes which used to cover the site were cut back and some removed in February as part of the wider regeneration of Black Rock.

Now, native grass and wildflower seeds are being sprayed onto the earth to replace them.

A council spokesman said: “The seed spraying consists of applying a mix of native grasses and wildflower seeds using a technique called Hydraseeding.

“This technique is often used on steep slopes. It will apply a liquid mix of special binders, growing medium and seed onto the slopes using high pressure hoses.

“The slurry will quickly harden into a green skin which quickly changes to brown and then slowly biodegrades over the following 18 months by which time the grass sward will have started to become established.”

  1. Peter Challis Reply

    Let’s hope that the “mix of native grasses and wildflower seeds” survive well on a coastal slope where they are likely to get salt spray from the sea. If not then this could be an expensive fiasco as the hands of Green diversity activists.

    I see that this comes from an anonymous council spokesperson, so no councillor wants to take the blame if it goes wrong.

    • Nathan Adler Reply

      Councilors are good at dodging blame down Madeira Terrace just look at the destruction of part of the Green Wall – they knew nothing!

  2. Pinkie Brown Reply

    Probably to cover up the broken eggshells of nesting birds. The green council have committed a crime, I’m glad to see the police are now involved

  3. Martha Gunn Reply

    This story is slowly morphing into a scandal. And a scandal that could well bring down the Green Party administration.
    How on earth could a party supposedly dedicated to environmental protection preside over such an egregious crime against nature?

  4. Roger Davis Reply

    No grass sward or beautiful wild flowers as promised, just weeds every where and half dead part cut trees . What was once wooded paths are now an untidy mess with the naturist beach totally exposed. Who decided to put a small wicker fence at the back of the beach ??
    The only good thing are the tamarisk stumps which are sprouting vigorously and will hopefully grow into bushes . Tamarisk is salt tolerant, which is why they were planted originally.

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