Hollingdean and Stanmer by-election result: Greens win seat from Labour

Posted On 07 May 2021 at 4:28 pm

The Greens have won the Hollingdean and Stanmer by-election, taking a seat formerly held by Labour.

Zoë John

Zoë John’s victory gives the Greens two out of the three seats in the electoral ward.

And the Greens now have a total of 20 out of 54 seats on Brighton and Hove City Council where it remains the largest party.

The votes cast were …

Zoë Olivia John (Green) 1,542 – elected
Leila Erin-Jenkins (Labour) 1,262
Emma Louise Dawson-Bowling known as Emma Hogan (Conservative) 745
Rob Somerton-Jones (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) 54
Alex Hargreaves (Liberal Democrat) 47
Des Jones (UK Independence Party) 35
Nigel Furness (Independent) 24

There were 47 rejected ballot papers.

The turnout in Hollingdean and Stanmer was 31.94 per cent – or 3,756. The electorate was 11,758.

The seat became vacant with the resignation of Labour councillor Tracey Hill.

The Hollingdean and Stanmer ward has three seats. The other two are held by Labour councillor Theresa Fowler and Green councillor Martin Osborne.

Despite the slightly lower turnout, the Conservative candidate, Dr Emma Hogan, who listed on the ballot paper under her married name, almost doubled the Conservative vote compared with the last election two years ago.

  1. Martha Gunn Reply

    Another great breakthrough from Momentum!

    • Penny Tration Reply

      I know. You can imagine the Labour election strategy meeting. Nancy -”We are losing the popular and moderate Tracey Hill, I know just the replacement, she is so Momentum she used to stand for an Ultra left party – that will win votes in Hollingdean!” With this and a poor showing in Patcham Momentum are a busted flush in Brighton.

  2. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Why is Emma Louise Dawson-Bowling known as Emma Hogan?

    • Ian Chaplin Reply

      I’d guess she is known as Emma Hogan for professional matters, maybe her maiden name?

  3. Chaz. Reply

    Another melon party win. Green on the outside, Red inside.
    Labour lost the seat in Hollingdean and were pushed into a distant third in Patcham.
    So, how is the coalition with the Greens going Momentum Labour?

  4. Mr D Thomas Reply

    Perhaps the Green Party could educate the council officers not to cut down trees in the nesting time of the year as they have done so in Stanmer Park and at the sam3 time teach them not to drain the Stanmer Pond at the bre@dind time fi4 frogs and newts.Stanmer is supposed to be an are where you can meet nature see and hear th3 wild life not ruin thd place it’s time they employed someone who knows something about nature.

    • Kathleen McMullen Reply

      Quite. The Greens are not too good at educating anyone outside of their bubble. Their political passivity in persuading citizens to take global warming seriously is puzzling.

  5. Joe Stains Reply

    I have as much respect for the Green Party as I have for a bottle of cheap, stinking cooking-oil from Lidl…

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