Brighton boy, 16, given two-year sentence for series of robberies

Posted On 23 Jul 2021 at 1:39 pm

A 16-year-old boy from Brighton stole clothes and a watch worth £1,600 from a young woman when he robbed her.

The youth, who cannot be named, mugged two other people in Brighton on the same day in October 2019, Lewes Crown Court was told.

He stole a red hoodie from one of them and a £10 note and a Gucci belt from the other.

The court was told that on another occasion, in July last year, the teenager also stole money and a mobile phone to the value of £500 in another mugging.

A few weeks earlier he robbed two people in Brighton, stealing £10 cash from one and £10 cash a £40 hoodie from the other.

And in May 2019 he and another person, 23-year-old Kristos Philipos, robbed another person, stealing their wallet.

On Monday (19 July) at Lewes Crown Court, Judge Anne Arnold sentenced the youth to a two-year detention and training order for the series of robberies.

He was given the same sentence for each of the robberies, all to be served concurrently, making two years in total.

The youth, from the North Laine area, was also ordered to pay a £32 victim surcharge.

An earlier referral order was revoked.

And the judge made a “forfeiture and destruction” order in respect of a knife that he had.

Philipos, of Union Close, Newhaven, was jailed for three years in January for the robbery in Brighton in May 2019.

  1. Hove Man Reply

    Only two years! What an insult to his victims. If he is like that at 16, just imagine what a horror he will be in a few years time.

  2. Alan Gibson Reply

    Judges are clearly out of touch with crime. So much for getting stronger on knife crime. Like the many knife murders we see nowadays, judges have blood on his hands because of soft slap on the hands sentencing. When this kid grows into adulthood it seems from his present actions and aggressive mindset, he may become a prolific violent criminal, maybe go on to kill someone on day.

  3. beanie Reply

    Judges don’t have unfettered discretion. They have to pass sentences in keeping with the law. Also, the article doesn’t say whether he used a knife during the robberies or whether he had it with him only when he was arrested.

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