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Posted On 07 May 2022 at 4:26 pm

Cal from DITZ live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 21.02.20 (pic Nick Linazasoro) (click on pic to enlarge!)

The “band of the moment” DITZ, are certainly an outfit that have been gaining new fans the length and breadth of the country. It seems that with every release and concert they perform they set the bar just a little bit higher! If you are a fan of IDLES and Fontaines D.C. then DITZ are most definitely for you!

Don’t just take our word for it – Check them out for yourselves! Folks in Brighton will be able to do so when the band play live at the popular Concorde 2 on 29th May 2022. They will be playing live at The Official Jordan Mooney Memorial Charity Concert in order to celebrate the life of the famous punk rock and fashion icon that sadly passed away last month.

Jordan Mooney

‘The Official Jordan Mooney Memorial Charity Concert will run from 2pm until 11pm and will feature no less than 12 specially selected music groups who were either friends of Jordan’s or were bands that produced music that she loved. The proceeds from ticket sales will be going to Cats Protection and the Music Venue Trust.

Already confirmed for this event in addition to DITZ are Bootleg Blondie, The Monochrome Set, Gaye Bykers On AcidJohnny Moped, Spizzenergi, Peter Perrett, Jamie Perrett, AK/DK, The Pink Diamond Revue, Monakis, and Fruity Water.

Purchase your tickets from the Concorde 2 website HERE.

The Official Jordan Mooney Memorial Charity Concert flyer

Jordan was a DITZ fan. She enjoyed seeing them live as well as listening to the pink vinyl5 Songs EP‘.  Although one might surmise that her choice of vinyl may have been purple instead. Although the new brilliant orange DITZ t-shirts might have been a shocking combination with her chosen hair colour. The lady in the photo below sporting the new merch certainly has her colour combination sorted!

DITZ merch

The Brighton & Hove News covered the DITZ headline concert that Jordan attended at The Prince Albert in February 2020. Here is our account of their performance………


It’s official! DITZ have most certainly arrived! I have witnessed both IDLES and Fontaines D.C. perform blinding sets at The Prince Albert here in Brighton in the past and now DITZ have most certainly stepped up to the plate! I have been waving the flag for these lads for quite some time now and they are now ready for the big time!

DITZ live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 21.02.20 (pics Nick Linazasoro) (click on pics to enlarge!)

DITZ are Cal (vocals), Anton (guitar), Caleb (bass), Sam (drums) and former drummer Jack switching to guitar with the departure of Archie. DITZ are out on the debut headline tour, which has already seen them take over Leicester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and London, with only Bristol to follow. Looks like they have been going down a storm and the words most certainly out! Even IDLES Joe Talbot now raves about them.

With the switch around of personnel and Sam now leading the gang on drums, it’s the perfect mix. Sam is really up for it and attacks his drum kit like there’s no tomorrow. He’s fighting with it and he’s winning! Their ‘noise rock’ music is better than ever and it’s pure joy to see them play, and Anton once again gave his instrument a good old rock’n’roll bashing!

Interestingly, DITZ performed their first ever gig here at The Prince Albert and it was nearly four years ago. They have come such a long way, but reassuringly still have a much longer journey ahead of them, based on tonight’s performance. If only the band had videoed it or recorded the music for prosperity!

They initially took to the stage in total darkness and then they and us to a degree were bathed in blindingly red light, before launching into their opener ‘Kate Moss’. The noise rock was freely flowing and vocalist Cal was sporting Batman Joker style red mouth makeup paint as he pointed out that “We aren’t as funny as the other bands and so I did this!”.

DITZ live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 21.02.20 (pics Nick Linazasoro) (click on pics to enlarge!)

Soon they launched into their latest Alcopop! Records singleTotal 90’. Watch their interesting video HERE. It sees the band face off against a football team consisting of members of friends from Slaves and FUR and was made to highlight discrimination and inequality within the game. It was shot at The Dripping Pan, which has been the official ground for Lewes F.C. since 1885, and sees the band wearing Altrincham F.C.’s Football vs Homophobia rainbow coloured kit.

On their new material, DITZ further explore their signature raw energy sound by mixing stark minimalism with explosive bursts of noise which tonight were absolutely top drawer. Their timing was out of this world. Their stop-starts were totally delivered to the millisecond and the brief silences hurt your ears – if you catch my drift? Clearly here is an outfit of great musicianship.

Vocalist Cal most certainly has that Bowie androgyny about him these days, which is accompanied by that off into the distance stare. Tonight he went on a few jaunts around the sold out crowd as he was proudly held aloft. The punters were most certainly having fun this evening, which was made all the better by only having plastic glasses available, and so no standing in broken glass, from the ones that had fallen off of the stage from the band’s vibrations – a very sensible move!

Before we knew it ‘No Thanks I’m Full’ was upon us and Cal and his chums were on knob twiddling duty again, as the guys ended the very successful performance in a loving crescendo of distortion. DITZ are a band you seriously MUST check out!

DITZ setlist:
‘Kate Moss’
‘Seeking Arrangement’
‘Total 90’
‘Role Model’
‘No Thanks I’m Full’

Purchase your DITZ T-shirts HERE and check them out online:
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Running order

DITZ setlist

Tour flyer

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