Review: Aaaaaaaargh! It’s a Bonanza of Comedy from Around the Fringe By Laughing Horse Comedy Saturday 14 May 2022

Posted On 19 May 2022 at 4:00 pm

My second outing to the comedy showcase did not disappoint. MC L. J. Da Funk is brilliant at warming up the crowd. I just love his ridiculous “southern Baptist preacher” accent as he called it.

Five acts ensued all of whom I would recommend seeing in full if you get the chance.

We had the privilege of seeing Sam Nicoresti “coming out”. I am not entirely sure as what because I got a bit confused by the gender identity cracks he was making but it was fun to hear the ideas and concepts sparking off the stage. So we heard it here first apparently and the rest of the world will here as he takes to stages. Should be a great ride if you go along.

Sam Mullen was next. A local guy who I would like to see again. I had a chat after the show and he has nothing lined up and was just called in to fill a space. A good stand-in stand-up! I guess we’ll just have to keep an eye out for him.

Stefania Licari is an NHS doctor and her show and jokes are on a medical theme as you can imagine. Delivered in a charming Italian accent. Silly and surprising. Catch her if you can. On stage rather than in A&E ideally!

Straight talking, sex positive dating for over 40s is Eleanor Conway’s theme for her show “Talk Dirty to Me”. She is a high octane performer and she talks pretty dirty herself. Lots of fun and lots of energy. She must have lots of energy as she seems to be doing a show every day, sometimes twice a day, during the Fringe Festival! I think it will be quite an adventure. Go and enjoy this cheeky and charming performer in person.

Darren Walsh has a barrage of one-liners to throw at you. Great fun. I have one that I have been telling all my friends and family since. I have seen this guy before and enjoyed seeing him again. He is very imaginative and uses audio and visual aids to make gags as well as perfect puns and jokes.

You can of course catch these Laughing Horse showcases for the next few weeks too and find other new acts that are in town. Every Saturday and Sunday and the bank holidays too.

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