Review: Charlotte Fox: Cosmic Narcissist Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco 19 and 29 May 2022

Posted On 20 May 2022 at 10:18 am

Charlotte Fox is a comedian who seems to want to simultaneously be a Zumba instructor. How she moves so much and still keeps talking I don’t know. She is a ball of fizzing energy and fun with some of the most outrageous and hilarious stories. Naughty and nutty and high adrenaline comedy.

I had previously seen Charlotte do two short performances at showcases previously at the Fringe and was very much looking forward to seeing the full show by this imaginative young woman. I would say that the full show made sense as a coherent whole but it was more of a chaotic, fun journey through her brain that led down several avenues. There were some loose themes about feminism, capitalism and the patriarchy and phoney spirituality. All good stuff but mainly just fun with lots of sex talk too to keep it real! The “antithesis of narrative” she describes it as herself and I have to say she pulls it off well with her words and body seemingly moving in all directions at the same time. Her energy is infectious and her crazy, wild, volcanic stream of consciousness is fun to witness. Keep up if you can!

Catch her second performance of this solo show on the 29th:

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