Man injured in Brighton seafront attack

Posted On 24 Aug 2022 at 12:23 pm

A man suffered “significant injuries” to his leg, including a broken ankle, when he was attacked on Brighton seafront.

Sussex Police published pictures today (Wednesday 24 August) of two men in connection with the attack which happened in June.

The force said: “Police are looking to identify these two men in connection with an assault in Brighton that left a man with significant leg injuries.

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“The victim reported being attacked by a group of men on Brighton seafront, near Brighton Music Hall, at around 3am on Saturday 25 June.

“He suffered significant injuries, including a broken ankle.

“Four men are believed to have been involved – one wearing a light-coloured hooded top and three in dark clothing.

“If you recognise the men in these images or have any information which could help with the investigation, contact police online or by calling 101, quoting serial 47220115747.”

  1. Jason Reply

    Another unrecognisable image.

    Why do they degrade the image so much if they really want the public to identify people? The simple answer must be that they don’t.

    If CCTV was that bad, nobody would waste money on it.

  2. sd Reply

    Disgusting cowards. Turn yourselves in.

  3. Adam Reply

    So glad I moved.

  4. Robert Pattinson Reply

    If you get done for speeding the cctv image is perfect, how about using same technology in street cctv.

    • Some Guy Reply

      Speed cameras only have to watch a very small, limited field (1 lane wide, known distance from camera). They can be dialled in very tightly and are not likely to have uneven lighting in such a small area. They can also have better hoods/surrounds to protect them from the elements without spoiling the picture.
      By contrast, these images above are cropped down from much larger areas of street, which compromises their resolution. Worse, the lighting is more likely to be poor (uneven, too dark, glare) in the area of interest.
      The image on the left has had sharpening done, but is clearly cropped in a lot. On the right the low contrast and smearing indicate the lens has crud on it (to be expected from sea spray given the location, can happen in hours in poor weather even, to my SLR on a walk).

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