Brighton man appeals for help finding father swept out to sea in Bali

Posted On 06 Oct 2022 at 12:00 pm

Adam, centre, with his dad Graham and mum Dianne on the right
A Brighton bar manager is appealing for help to find his father who was swept out to sea while snorkelling in Bali.

Graham Smith, 67, was on holiday with his wife Dianne when he went missing last Wednesday afternoon.

His family has now set up a crowdfunding appeal to pay for a helicopter to extend the search, and continue it beyond Friday, when the Balinese authorities are due to call it off.

Graham Smith

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His son Adam, who manages the North Laine Brewhouse, and two of his brothers have flown out to Bali to be with their mother and help in any way they can.

Adam said: “Our beloved Dad Graham Smith has centred his entire life around his family, a selfless man with a heart of gold who puts humour and care at the forefront of every day.

“He is known to his grandchildren as Grandad Gray, who he has had endless adventures with and still has many more to experience with them as they grow.

“His next project, on returning from Bali, was to teach three of his grandchildren woodwork skills.

“This stage of his life is only just beginning, with promises still to uphold and a life to live.

“He is a resourceful man who has been an electrical engineer, a lumberjack and handyman who devotes his life to helping his family.

“This is our moment to try to help him come home.

“We would like to wholeheartedly thank the Bali search and rescue teams who have worked tirelessly to try to find Graham.

“Naturally, we are all extremely distressed and we need all the help and support we can get. Please help us find him.

“We absolutely cannot go home without him.”

Graham and Dianne, from Gravesend, in Kent, were on the beach last Wednesday afternoon when Graham decided to go snorkelling.

Dianne watched him for 20 minutes but then he disappeared from sight. She alerted locals and a swimmer went out but could not see him.

The police were called but, a week on, they have not been able to find Graham.

The crowdfunder, which is aiming to raise £19,200, has already reached more than £15,600. Click here to donate.

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    Here we go yet again. I don’t think ‘see’ in the headline is the right spelling. Who on earth is doing your headlines?? And could they either be re-educated or sacked??

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