Give late-working staff free transport home, urges councillor

Employers should help staff who work late at night to get home safely, according to a councillor.

Councillor Nancy Platts

Labour councillor Nancy Platts plans to propose a motion at the next meeting of Brighton and Hove City Council to make safe and free transport more likely.

Councillor Platts wants the council’s Licensing Committee to seek the power to require anyone applying for a late-night licence to have to provide free transport home for staff after work.

She said that East Dunbartonshire Council had adopted this sort of policy and she wanted the same in Brighton and Hove.

Councillor Platts plans to propose her “get me home safely” motion at a meeting of the full council at Hove Town Hall on Thursday (2 February).

She said: “Shift work is widespread in many industries, particularly hospitality, as well as health and care workers, retail, cleaning, security and porter staff and can often entail late-night working;

“Many workers, especially women, are increasingly worried about their safety travelling to and from work at night.

“While employers may feel their duty of care to staff ends when an employee finishes a shift, they also need to take into consideration journeys home, especially during unsocial hours.

“The weakness of enforcement of the law against sexual assault, including upskirting, on public transport is appalling and only 2 per cent of victims go on to report sexual harassment on public transport.

“Unite the union’s Get Me Home Safely campaign, which calls on employers to take all reasonable steps to ensure workers are able to get home safely from work at night, is greatly needed and should be supported.”

Councillor Platts said: “I was inspired to support this campaign by hospitality worker Caitlin, who has been a driving force behind Unite’s campaign after she was attacked when travelling home from work late at night.

“A lot of young people are employed in our thriving night-time economy. But increasingly they cannot afford to live in the city centre and that can mean a long and lonely journey home in the dark, not knowing who is around the next corner.

“Women said that concerns about getting home after work often played on their mind right from the start of their shift.

“I hope that all councillors will support my request to include safe transport home as a licensing condition for hospitality venues because everyone deserves to know they can get home safely.”

The full council is due to meet at Hove Town Hall at 4.30pm on Thursday (2 February). The meeting is scheduled to be webcast on the council’s website.

  1. Hendrik Reply

    Not much of a problem for council staff since most of them work(?) from home anyway.

  2. Rostrum Reply

    So instead of challenging the police about the shocking record in keeping the streets safe this councillor want to force tax paying businesses to provide a perceived solition.

  3. CC Reply

    So rather than working with the police to make Brighton safer for everyone, the council want hard pushed employers to pay for transport home.

  4. vintage fan Reply

    So how are already had pushed employers going to afford this? Pie in the sky, Nancy.

  5. sd Reply

    Great idea Nancy. I wonder if those responding above are women who work late shifts and need to walk some distance to access a bus home? If so, how safe do you feel out there?

  6. Ian Reply

    I’m involved with a members’ bar in London and we always pay our staff for taxis if they’re working late. I don’t see why any good employer wouldn’t.

    As a cost centre in our accounts, it’s minuscule.

    • Benjamin Reply

      Top shelf to your company, Ian.

      A fare home is a very reasonable perk to have for a job, and any good employer should be proud to provide that for the welfare of their employees. Plus it’s also an expense that can be taken out of the tax bill as well, so I cannot imagine that being anything more than a minor dent.

      If lots of smaller businesses are in the area with lots of late-night finishes, perhaps working together? Minibus perhaps?

  7. Michael Reply

    I Think it is a good Idea for staff finishing late or starting too early in the morning, they deserves to get home safely.

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