Southern Water bills go up by 9.4 per cent

Posted On 07 Feb 2023 at 12:01 am

Southern Water is putting customers’ bills up by 9.4 per cent for the financial year starting on Saturday 1 April.

The increase for the 2023-24 financial year was in line with inflation, the company said, and came with a £98 package of help for struggling customers.

Southern Water said: “Dual service customers can expect an increase of 9.4 per cent on their charges, with an average annual bill rising from £401 to £439, while water-only bills will go up by 9 per cent and waste-only by 9.7 per cent.

“As well as helping to ensure we continue to improve our performance and provide the service our customers and environment deserve, this rise will also enable us to help more people in financial difficulty than ever before via our £98 million support package for those in need.

“We have worked hard to keep bills as low as possible in recent years. In real terms, the 2023-24 average bill is still 12.5 per cent lower than four years ago.

“And our annual bill changes have been below inflation throughout that period, decreasing in two of those years.

“Last year’s average dual bill of £401 was 4 per cent lower than the industry average of £419.”

Southern Water’s chief customer officer Katy Taylor said: “We are aware that the UK’s ‘cost of living’ crisis is a worry for many of our customers and this is why plans to increase tariffs are never taken lightly.

“The rise this year reflects the growing economic pressures of chemical, energy and wage inflation.

“We are channelling more money than ever before into supporting customers in need – particularly those who may struggle to pay their bills.

“This £98 million will boost the support package we already offer customers including payment holidays, special tariffs, debt write-offs, bill reductions and grants for household items.

“If you know anyone who is finding it hard to pay their bills, please encourage them to get in touch with us as we can help.”

The company added that it was investing £2 billion in the 2020-25 period to improve its network – and had not paid any dividends to shareholders since 2017.

To find out how bills are calculated, click here. To find out how about for help for those who are struggling financially, click here.

  1. MarkGresham Reply

    Criminal profiteering … plain and simple

  2. CS Reply

    No dividend to shareholders… Good. But how much is the chief exec paid to pollute the sea water with faeces?

  3. Anni.M Reply

    Southern Water are criminally negligent polluters.

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