Brighton and Hove domestic violence warning

Posted On 14 Dec 2009 at 10:17 am

Police officers from Brighton and Hove will form dedicated patrol units to tackle domestic violence over Christmas and the new year.
A similar campaign by Sussex Police last year dealt with 366 reports of domestic violence in the city over a period of just under three weeks.
The dedicated patrols will aim to respond promptly to incidents, turning up with video cameras to try to secure vital evidence.
The campaign is due to run from Thursday 17 December to Sunday 3 January.
Acting Inspector Wendy Vodrey said: “Domestic violence is always treated as a priority by Sussex Police but due to the regular increase in incidents over the Christmas and new year period it is vital we have adequate resources to manage and respond to the increased calls for urgent help.
“The increase over this period is often down to an increase in alcohol consumption, combined with families spending more time than usual with each other.
“Partnerships which are potentially abusive may come to a head at this time.
“Early attendance by police officers using video cameras increases the chance of gaining quality evidence, not just relying on the victim’s word against their abuser.”
On each day of the campaign, uniformed patrols will be expected to attend incidents of domestic abuse as their sole priority over all other types of policing incidents.
These officers will be kept up to date about victims who may be particularly vulnerable and offenders who may pose a higher risk, as well as having additional equipment available to them to obtain and record evidence at the scene of crimes.
In addition to the dedicated officers attending the homes of victims, teams of specialist investigators will also be available.
According to Sussex Police, the campaign last year led to an increase in the public reporting domestic abuse as it was happening.
The policing of domestic abuse over the Christmas and new year period is backed up by workers from other agencies who can support victims of abuse and provide practical help to maintain their safety.
Sussex Police pointed out that while most abuse is directed against women, nearly one in five victims are men.
Subsequent court cases in Sussex may be dealt with at specialist domestic violence courts.

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