Keep secure, keep safe, say police

Posted On 23 Mar 2010 at 9:12 am

Two anti-crime pushes have been launched this week to stop burglars preying on unsuspecting householders.

Sussex Police are warning people to make sure their gardens and sheds are locked up securely to stop opportunist thieves breaking in.

And the police have also teamed up with the council to issue bright yellow stickers for vulnerable people to put on their letterboxes showing they are on the alert for would-be persistent salespeople and rogue traders.

Trevor Cox, Sussex Police’s community safety and crime reduction adviser said: “At this time of year, we remind residents to keep their tools out of sight in a shed, which is secured with a good quality padlock. A sticker or sign stating that tools are security marked also helps deter thieves.

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“Consideration should also be given to padlocking more expensive tools or bicycles to a concrete bar in the floor of the shed, providing additional security in the event that an offender has gained entry.

“Whilst working in the garden, occupants should ensure the doors and windows at the front of their property are closed and locked.

“There are several reasonably priced security items available from hardware stores that could prevent a shed or garage from being broken into and local crime prevention officers will be happy to provide advice to residents on keeping their premises secure.”

Crime Reduction Officer Paul Knight said: “The stickers will reinforce the message to rogue sales people that they are not welcome in Brighton and Hove, while at the same time showing support to those people who may find it difficult to persuade a persistent and overbearing caller to leave their property.

“Residents should remember that if you are uneasy for any reason about a trader being in your home, you have a right to ask them to leave immediately. If they refuse, they are trespassing on your property. Phone 999 and contact the police. However, it is much better not to let them in at all.”

The stickers can be obtained by contacting Consumer Direct South East on 08454 040506, or they can be collected from John Street, Crowhurst Road and Holland Road police stations.

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