Peaceful Brighton cannabis rally ends with 2 drugs arrests

Posted On 02 May 2010 at 11:22 pm

Two people were arrested for having drugs as about 200 people in Brighton took to the streets today to call for the legalisation of cannabis.

After a rally in Victoria Gardens, the protesters made their way to Preston Park escorted by stewards and police.

Sussex Police said that its officers worked closely with the organisers of Brighton Jay Day to ensure that an appropriate level of policing was provided.

One person was arrested on suspicion of having class A drugs and one young person was arrested on suspicion of having class B drugs.

A third person was issued a cannabis warning.

  1. David Reply

    The police lied when they said that they would leave the public alone at the end of the rally. next year will be bigger and better

  2. Sam Lees Reply

    I wish the press would also focus on the fact that 260 protesters turned out in the pouring rain to call for the government to apply logic and scientific evidence to their policy making, rather than just a tiny minority involved in illegal activity. It is a massive misrepresentation of the whole day, and only serves to continue the anti-legalization propaganda that we see all too often in the mainstream news.

    At least no one will be stupid enough to bring drugs with them next year. Then the press will nothing to report but the true message of the day.

  3. Brian Reply

    Has the world gone mad,legalisation of cannabis.
    What about the people who cannot handle the drug. People who lives revolve around puffing.

  4. Rhys Reply

    Well Brian, god forbid those people have a free will and right to choose what they can and cannot consume, that’s the main reason cannabis remains pointlessly prohibited is because of people like you Brian who have created this mollycoddling nanny state.

  5. Brian Reply

    People like me,who lost a daughter to drugs.People like me who has the heartache.
    I think my post was not very well written by me.
    It is wrong to legalized drugs.

  6. James Reply

    Brian I am sorry to hear your daughter has been lost to drugs, but may you take the time to properly research the medicinal and brain developing benefits of cannabis. Drugs is a term the mainstream media has given to all illegal substances which I find terribly misleading. ‘Drugs’ can be beneficial, used in the correct and educated way. If drugs were legalized we would all be educated fully about the pros and cons of these substances letting people make their own choice. In addition, young people would not have access to these ‘drugs’ as there would be no black market selling them. The main harm certain drugs have on people is that some drugs are very addictive and can be very harmful if not used properly. However, cannabis is not addictive, no reported deaths ever, and is considered a medicine in 11 states of America. I’m sorry for the long reply but the prohibition of cannabis angers me. If this hasn’t changed your mind (which I don’t expect it to as the mainstream media has literally brainwashed many) then I don’t know what will.

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