Warning for Brighton and Hove mobile phone shops

Posted On 29 May 2010 at 9:25 am

The number of mobile phone shops in Brighton and Hove has reached saturation point, according to a leading market research company.

The Local Data Company (LDC) said that there were fewer than 14,000 shoppers for each mobile phone shop in the city.

Only Central London has a more saturated market, according to the LDC report.

And the growth of online retailers, including Google, posed a threat to high street shops and their staff.

Spacewords Brighton

Earlier this year the LDC warned that the growing vacancy rate in shopping areas risked creating ghost towns across Britain.

The Guardian published a feature on the subject, warning that the spread of boarded-up high streets could lead to an increase in crime.

The latest report by the LDC was circulated with a press release from the British Property Federation.

The federation’s chief executive Liz Peace said: “In some areas it’s fair to say that people think phone shops are like pound stores in that they’re a bit of a plague.

“They do increase footfall in high streets, but for many other retailers it’s the wrong kind as many kids who go to play with new phones often won’t be buying much.

“But there is no denying that the continued success is down to our obsession with shopping, speaking and even share dealing on the move.

“Every time you think phones have reached their technological peak, something new comes along.

“The challenge with phone shops will be to do the same and to keep evolving if they are to keep consumers’ interest.”

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    All those phone shops and not one understandable tariff among them . . . .

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