Hanover and Elm Grove parking scheme scrapped

Posted On 16 Jul 2010 at 8:17 am

Proposals for a controlled parking scheme in Hanover and Elm Grove have been scrapped after three out of four residents voted against them.

Just three streets voted in favour of the controversial plans. Councillors are now calling for alternative ways to ease the area’s parking problems.

Ward councillor Bill Randall said: “There is clearly no majority support in the Hanover and Elm Grove ward for a CPZ. However, the 25 per cent of residents who responded to the survey in favour of a CPZ confirmed that it was right to test public opinion on this issue.

“In Elm Grove, Hanover, the neighbourhood between Elm Grove and Hartington Road and the Queen’s Park Estate opposition was overwhelming. Only three dispersed streets in Hanover and Elm Grove favoured the CPZ, but they would not make a coherent CPZ. Therefore, we cannot support a scheme based on these streets, either collectively or individually.

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“Residents in Richmond Heights and Canning Street in the Queen’s Park Ward voted for a CPZ and their democratic wish is clear. However, if a decision is taken to go ahead with these areas, the council and the police must do everything they can through the use of existing controls to minimise the effects of any dispersal into surrounding neighbourhoods.

“The parking problems will not go away, and we believe the council and the community should look closely at the many good ideas put forward by local residents during the consultation period to deal with parking problems, to improve the environment for pedestrians and cyclists and to expand the car club.

“We believe American Express and other companies, whose employees park in the area, should revisit their travel to work plans and encourage more of their staff to walk or cycle to work or use public transport. It is also a good time to look at bus fares in the city. Time and again, residents tell us the fares are too high and no disincentive to car use.”

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