Protesters to rally against the cuts with march through Brighton

Posted On 30 Oct 2010 at 6:56 am

A protest march is due to take place in the centre of Brighton today with organisers expecting up to 1,000 people to join them.

The Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition said that workers, students and members of the public would be gathering at The Level at noon.

Politicians and union officials will be among the speakers at a rally before the protest march.

They will be spelling out their anger and their alternatives to the cuts announced by Conservative Chancellor George Osborne in the comprehensive spending review.

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The protesters will then march up Traflagar Street, down Queen’s Road and North Street and finish in Victoria Gardens.

The march will be led by parents and children from the Bright Start Nursery whichis threatened with closure.

One town hall worker said: “There’s a lot of anger at the way we’re facing cuts to fund the bankers’ bonuses when they got us into this mess.

“And the Tories are the bankers’ friends, after all.

“Not long after we head down Queen’s Road to the Clock Tower, there’s going to be a zombie march.

“It should make it interesting for the public but, to me, the zombies symbolise those who have been taken in by the Tory case for cutting services when we should be investing.”

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