Snow falls overnight in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 30 Nov 2010 at 5:04 am

Snow began falling shortly before midnight, settling in parts of Brighton and Hove.

The forecast is for more light snow with temperatures not expected to climb above 1C (34F) today (Tuesday 30 November).

Southern Railway has cancelled some Brighton services, but First Capital Connect is reporting usual service.

Other than a brief stoppage of the N25 bus service between midnight and 1am, buses are currently running as normal, and no school closures have been reported.

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Tonight the temperature is expected to drop to -4C (25F) with any snow or dampness lifting as the cold winds pick up.

The temperatures look unlikely to rise much before the weekend although further is expected to hold off.

At the weekend the outlook is better although there may be a cold drizzle.

Last night Brighton and Hove City Council said: “Weather forecasts are predicting the possibility of light snow or sleet showers overnight.

“Our gritters have been out every day over the last five days and will be out again tonight.

“There is now a good bed of salt on the roads.

“We are monitoring the situation and staff are on standby for the morning, depending on what the weather brings our way.

“During wintry weather, our priorities are to clear and treat major roads – and give advice to help residents clear paths and pavements themselves if necessary.

“We are well-stocked, with 1,500 tonnes of grit.

“That’s the maximum we can store in Brighton and Hove and is nearly twice what the council would use in an average year.

“We are also ready to supplement the stocks with further deliveries if needed.

“We have seven gritters available, three of which are 4x4s, five ploughs, six hand spreaders, three tractors and three diggers.

“After the last severe winter, the council reviewed its winter service plan and took into account the experiences of residents in the city, including those on estates and outlying areas.

“Brighton and Hove’s estates are served by bus routes and the council prioritises all bus routes for gritting, along with A roads and B roads plus important minor roads.

“The council is also providing over 400 grit bins throughout the city for residents to use themselves.

“In extreme conditions we can drop grit at pre-identified locations.”

This morning should provide the first test of whether the council’s review has paid dividends.

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