Brighton health chiefs rule out pharmacy for Whitehawk

Posted On 15 Jan 2011 at 10:28 am

Health chiefs have turned two bids to take over a former chemist’s shop in one of the poorest parts of Brighton.

Now the area’s councillors have collected more than 600 names on petition calling on Brighton and Hove City Teaching Primary Care Trust (PCT) to think again.

East Brighton Labour Councillor Gill Mitchell and a deputation of local residents will present the petition to PCT chief executive Amanda Fadero on Monday.

They want the go ahead given to one of the two local chemists who applied to take over the old Lloyds Pharmacy premises in Arundel Court in Arundel Road, Whitehawk.

Council covid support

Councillor Mitchell, leader of the Labour group on Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “Local people were really sad to see Lloyds Pharmacy go but it seemed as if the premises would soon be taken over by another chemist.

“I don’t think anyone expected Brighton and Hove Primary Care Trust to block these plans.

“It’s ludicrous and local residents are rightly furious.

“That’s why we as local Labour councillors are backing the community and we will continue to fight alongside local residents until we get the chemist Arundel Road deserves.”

Fellow East Brighton Labour councillor Warren Morgan said: “The PCT claims the area doesn’t need another chemist.

“They obviously don’t understand the geography of the area or the access difficulties for people who are now having to travel by bus to Asda or Whitehawk Health Centre.

“With no chemist in the area, local businesses may also suffer a drop in footfall, posing a serious threat to the community’s sustainability.”

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