Some like it hot – but not quite so hot – at Brighton cinema

Posted On 18 Jan 2011 at 10:44 pm

Some like it hot … but not as hot as the temperature in one Brighton cinema.

Customers at Cineworld at Brighton Marina have faced a fortnight of above average heat in some of the auditoriums.

Now the atmosphere has been shared with a wider audience after Brighton-based journalism professor Roy Greenslade wrote about the problem on his Guardian media blog.

He described the conditions in screens 7 and 8 as like a cauldron and said that last week screen 1 was also hot though bearable.

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The cinema management has been offering refunds to some customers.

And Professor Greenslade quoted a spokesman for Cineworld as saying: “Cineworld Brighton is determined to put an end to the heating issues in screens 7 and 8 as quickly and with as little disruption to customers as possible.

“At present, independent contractors are on site daily, trying to resolve the issue.

“Although Cineworld has decided not to close the two screens we do appreciate that some people may find the warm temperatures uncomfortable.

“Consequently, Cineworld has signposted the issue thoroughly and informed all customers that if they find the auditorium too warm they are free to collect complimentary tickets to an alternative screening during the first 20 minutes.”

His full blog entry can be read here.

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