Brighton shop caught selling alcohol to children

Posted On 16 Feb 2011 at 1:12 am

A Brighton convenience store has agreed not to sell alcohol for four weeks starting from today.

Brighton Bargain, in London Road, was caught selling drinks to 16-year-olds twice in five months when test purchases were made.

Sussex Police said that it arranged the tests “due to intelligence being received that sales of alcohol to children were taking place from this premises”.

It is at least the fourth premises in the London Road area to have its licence reviewed after selling drinks to under 18s over the past few years.

The police asked a licensing panel at Brighton and Hove City Council to suspend the shop’s licence for six weeks.

A request from the police said: “The premises is situated in an area with a history of problems relating to youth disorder and street drinkers.”

It said that the owner, Salah Safa Gobrial, sold alcohol and cigarettes to a child.

He was given an £80 fixed penalty.

Five months later his wife, Nahid Safain, sold alcohol to a child.

She was also given an £80 fixed penalty.

Fair trading officer Cat MacBeth, from Brighton and Hove Trading Standards, spoke to Mrs Safain.

She said: “She was nervous about asking people for ID as they often became aggressive to her.”

Sussex Police said that suspending the licence for six weeks would allow the premises licence holder, Mr Gobrial, to review and improve procedures at the shop.

It would also allow time for him and his staff to undergo training.

A six-week suspension, the police said, would also break the cycle between the premises and the sales of alcohol to children.

The licensing panel accepted an offer from Mr Gobrial to sell no alcoholic drinks over a four-week period starting from today while he and his wife underwent retraining.

His licence was amended so that he has to stop selling drinks from 9pm instead of 11pm.

And he agreed not to sell strong beers and ciders any more.

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