Police Minister to visit Whitehawk flats

Posted On 01 Apr 2011 at 4:45 am

Government minister Nick Herbert will visit a block of flats in Whitehawk today (Friday 1 April) which is home to an innovative project.

Mr Herbert, the Police Minister, will meet his fellow Conservative, the Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby, and officers from Sussex Police.

They will meet at Swallow Court in Albourne Close, home to “Our Neighbourhood”, a joint project between residents, police, Brighton and Hove City Council and housing contractor Mears.

The project began three years ago after complaints about vandalism, graffiti, litter, crime and the state of council housing in the area.

One aim of the project at Swallow Court – one of the four “bird” blocks, along with Falcon, Kestrel and Kingfisher Court – was to make it easier for residents to request housing repairs.

It was shortlisted for a Housing Excellence Award last year.

Christine El-Shabba, a resident who chairs the project steering group, said: “The impact of the project has been huge.

“The estate is cleaner, repairs are done quicker and crime and anti-social behaviour is tackled more effectively.

“The project has also led to five apprentices being recruited by Mears – young people that now have a better future.”

  1. Jill Reply

    Excuse me for pointing this out , think you’ll find you’ve omitted a ” bird ” block . Does HERON court no longer exist ?

  2. roy bird Reply

    can u please tell me how these blocks r now safer 2/3 weeks ago two flats got burgled and the residents beat up and the afending resident still has the same people arround my mate is getting done for makeing calls to police about this flat and nothing was done untill these violent crims took place so i think the police should drop this cace against dave peaple for making fulse calls to police as u can see he was telling the truth

  3. roy bird Reply

    also the only reason whitehawk looks cleaner on record is that the police dont log and attened this area when called i waited three and a half hours up there when daves macanic was surrounded by yobs and thretened with a nife i got there in 15 from hove a lot of residents are scared and been theatend by these gangs on drugs

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