Review – Circa at the Theatre Royal

Posted On 14 May 2011 at 3:52 pm
By Roslyn Cook

Circa is a show for all ages, put together by an exciting young Australian company playing now at the Theatre Royal.

Said to “redefine the limits to which circus can aspire” (The Age, Australia) they do not disappoint, synthesising physical strength with dramatic movement to stunning and beautiful effect.

Seemingly at the mercy of their bodies, and with little apparent control of what they can do, these young people demonstrate quite the opposite.

They glide under, over, on and through each other with a sublime grace and quiet strength that often seems superhuman. 

The performers, three girls and three boys, literally jump through hoops their own limbs create, walking on each other’s heads and swinging from their necks.

Hoops have indeed never seemed so beautiful.

Six silver circles swirling at breathtaking speed were spun into action by the body in their midst as if it were no effort at all.

This astonishing 70-minute performance is delivered with a clever mix of music and lighting, combining drama, mime and circus in a dance that truly redefines not just the limits to circus.

You leave with the feeling that either the laws of physics have been permanently altered, or there is indeed no limit to the sheer strength of the performers.

Highly recommended.

The final performance is this evening (Saturday 14 May) at the Theatre Royal at 8pm.

Tickets are available from the Dome Box Office on 01273 709709.

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