Albion win approval for park and ride at Brighton Racecourse

Posted On 29 Jun 2011 at 4:04 pm

Brighton and Hove Albion have been given permission to run a park and ride scheme from the Racecourse on match days.

The scheme will be reviewed though as permission is temporary – for two years.

It will be run with two other match-day park and rides at Mill Road and Mithras House in Lewes Road.

Several councillors raised concerns about congestion at the Woodingdean crossroads.

But Albion chief executive Martin Perry said that the proposed park and ride would intercept drivers coming from the east.

He told Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee that this would prevent further congestion at the crossroads.

Twenty six bus journeys would be made before and after each match in a clockwise route through Woodingdean to Falmer and back down Lewes Road and up Elm Grove.

Councillor Les Hamilton said that this would mean one bus every five minutes over two and a half hours.

Councillor Lynda Hyde asked about the possibility of providing parking at the Brighton Aldridge Community Academy at Falmer.

And Councillor Amy Kennedy asked about the possibility of using an existing car park at the Southern Water premises in Falmer, especially as the company had benefited from the road improvements on the A27.

Mr Perry said that Southern Water had refused permission, adding: “Why we couldn’t use a car park as a car park, we couldn’t understand.”

He also said that the club would keep talking to the academy and Southern Water.

Mr Perry said after the vote: “We are delighted that the city council has supported our application for the race course park and ride unanimously.

“This demonstrates the huge support the council is continuing to give the stadium.

“It is a huge asset to the city and we look forward to working in partnership with the council to make it work for the whole of the city.”

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