Wickedness of the church denounced by Brighton priest

Posted On 06 Jul 2011 at 10:14 am

The wickedness of the Catholic Church was denounced in a sermon by one of its own priests on Sunday.

The corruption of popes, the perversion of bishops and the sinfulness of priests were also criticised.

And Father Ray Blake also preached about the infidelity of the laity to the congregation of St Mary Magdalen in Brighton.

Father Blake chose the feast day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul to spell out some of the hard realities confronting fellow Catholics.

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He told the congregation how Napoleon’s threat to destroy the church was met with a quip by Pope Pius VII’s Secretary of State Consalvi: “But Imperial Majesty, the clergy have been trying to do that for 1,800 years.”

After the sermon Father Blake wrote in his blog: “The thing is, if you believe Jesus, in the incarnation, there is nowhere else to be except in the Catholic Church, which is what this convert is saying:

“My longing to become a Catholic boils down to the fact that I believe that the Bible is the word of God and I take Christ at his word when he says to St Peter: ‘Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church.’”

Father Blake added: “If Jesus says he is building a church on St Peter, there is no other church that fits the bill.

“Either that or this verse means nothing, therefore the Bible means nothing.”

Father Blake pointed out that the next time Jesus is recorded speaking to Peter after the “rock” quote was to say: “Get behind me, Satan.”

One church-goer said: “He tackles the controversial and difficult and seemingly contradictory meanings and messages around faith and belief.

“Sometimes this causes a bit of a brouhaha but he is brave enough and strong enough to confront these failings head on.”

  1. John Dale Reply

    “…therefore the Bible means nothing.”

    Well he got that bit right.

    If he recognises the evil that is inherent in his particular brand of christianity, and also recognises that the bible’s authority is built on foundations that make quicksand look like reinforced concrete, then Mr Blake should really take the obvious step and give up his infantile superstition once and for all. Oh wait a minute – he makes his living from promulgating nonsense to the gullible doesn’t he.

  2. Lorenza Reply

    Couldn’t say it better myself John 🙂

  3. Chris Reply

    Absolutely, John and Lorenza. It’s so sad that people are so easily duped by this superstitious mumbo-jumbo twaddle. Far from putting a stop to it, the Government encourages it. Disgraceful

  4. lala Reply

    Unlike previous replies, I dont find Father Blake’s religion infantile. If you percieve his comments with maturity and intelligence it will be apparent he is simply conveying constructive criticism. Jesus did live on earth, he is devine, did many miracles, he died, was buried and rose again 3 days later. Jesus is God. Just because this did not happen in our lifetime it does not mean it did not happen at all. If you have that approach to anything historical what would you believe in? The Roman Empire existed before, during and after Jesus so would you question its existence too?

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