Hove councillor slates plan to build homes on green space

Posted On 15 Oct 2011 at 5:52 pm

A Hangleton and Knoll councillor has spoken out about the prospect of 750 homes being built in Toad’s Hole Valley.

Councillor Brian Fitch called on Brighton and Hove’s ruling Green administration to drop the proposal which is included in options for the “city plan”.

The valley is bordered by the A27 Brighton bypass, King George VI Avenue – known locally as Snakey Hill – and Downland Drive on the edge of West Blatchington.

The veteran Labour councillor said: “I’m totally opposed to development on this lovely valley.

“It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of land … and it’s a haven for small animals.

“It’s a place where children and adults can have recreation and have a quiet time.

“I know you can hear the noise of the bypass in the distance but it’s a lovely setting and the local public here have enjoyed it for a number of years.

“I’m absolutely astounded at the threat that the Green Party has made to concrete over this beautiful valley.

“Labour and Co-operative councillors have identified a similar amount of housing on brownfield sites.

“We could get 400 units at Shoreham Harbour. There’s a host of other sites.

Toad's Hole Valley from the west

“Before you turn this green area into a grey area, let’s look at the brownfield sites.

“Let’s get housing where it can be done without any hurt to the local population to wildlife or to the fun and enjoyment that children get in this area.”

Brighton and Hove City Council is currently consulting voters about where 11,000 new homes should be built to meet some of the current shortage as well as projected demand.

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