Fire tears through building by Shoreham Power Station

Posted On 01 Mar 2012 at 9:20 pm

Seven fire crews have been sent to Shoreham Harbour to tackle a big blaze in a building next to the power station.

Two East Sussex Fire and Rescue crews from Hove were first on the scene.

They were joined by four more crews and the aerial support ladder. In total about 50 firefighters were in action.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said that it received a call-out just after 8.30pm this evening (Thursday 1 March).

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The blaze was confined to a building where compressed gas is stored on the plot next to the power station.

A spokesman for the fire service said: “The building’s fire suppression system seems to have done a good job in knocking out the flames.

“It looks like it’s under control although we’ve still got crews on the ground dealing with it.”

An infrared view of the fire burning in the building next to Shoreham Power Station. Photo courtesy of Sussex Police

Scottish Power said that the fire had not affected the main gas turbine hall so power supplies should not be disrupted.

There was disruption along the A259 Albion Street in Southwick though as the road was closed and the immediate area evacuated.

Sussex Police said: “The immediate area was evacuated. This did not include any private residences although a couple of people did leave a small boat that was moored in the vicinity.”

Superintendent Grenville Wilson, from Sussex Police, said: “Thankfully there have been no reports of injuries and the sterling work carried out by our colleagues in the fire service enabled a fairly early decision that a large scale evacuation would not be necessary.

“We shall, of course, maintain a presence overnight and there are a small number of local road closures.

“However, unless there is a significant change in the status of the fire, I do not anticipate there will be any more disruptions to the local community.”

The photo shows the view of the power station from the south west with the fire clearly shown on the infrared image.

The picture was taken by the South East Air Support Unit helicopter Hotel 900 and provided by Sussex Police.

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