Brighton & Hove Albion: Poyet – We need to get over 70 points

Posted On 12 Apr 2012 at 11:39 am
By Tim Hodges from the Amex Press Conference

Gus Poyet said this morning that the Albion “need to get over 70 points” to have a chance of making the play-offs.

He conceded that there was probably one place for up grabs between about three teams, including the Albion.

Joe Mattock will be back in training tomorrow but the manager did not want to be drawn on his recent exclusion from the squad.

There are no other injury concerns from the 16 who were on duty against Reading.

Poyet said how much he used to enjoy playing at West Ham as an opponent. He said: “Ninety nine per cent of the time it’s full. The fans are really supportive (to West Ham). There is plenty noise. And if you are a football player, you love to play in that environment.”

Gus Poyet

He also complimented the playing surface at Upton Park. This will no doubt suit the way that Poyet likes to play.

The Seagulls boss was mindful that the Seagulls’ away form has not been great. He suggested that the players needed to create opportunities just as they did at Burnley. He said that they could also take the impetus of the good performance against Reading into the weekend.

Poyet told Brighton and Hove News how proud he was with the way Albion played against Reading, saying: “If we have to lose, I would rather lose the way we lost against Reading or West Ham rather than the way we lost against Blackpool.

“We need to accept things. We need to accept that Reading are a team that are going to create things. But the way we played the game was very good.”

Poyet would like his whole squad available by the start of July so that they can all train the way that he wants to play without interruptions. He suggested that, in his opinion, opposition teams train differently when they are due to play the Seagulls.

He also told Brighton and Hove News how honoured he was to be picked to start the Brighton Marathon this coming Sunday (15 April), saying he was “really surprised how many people compete” and that “it is an unbelievable and unique challenge” – but he couldn’t see himself doing it.


  1. Bruce Claxton Reply

    I’m afraid 70 points won’t be sufficient. Three wins from their final four games would mean 75 points which should be enough to ensure a top 6 place. A big ask, but anything less, then forget it. And no more draws PLEASE!

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